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Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

 Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf :  Water pollution is the direct or indirect dissection of polluted or polluting substances through direct or indirect dissection affecting the entire life cycle (humans, animals, plants and living creatures) due to waterfalls (sea, ponds, rivers, oceans, geologues, etc.) and ecosystems. In water).

Short essay on water pollution in English for college student pdf
Short essay on water pollution in English for college student pdf

Short essay on water pollution in English for college student

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The main issue affecting human life in many ways is the main issue of water pollution. We all need to know the causes, effects and preventive remedies of water conservation to make your life better. Let your children participate in some creative work in schools and colleges to increase awareness about school pollution. Here we have provided some easy essays for water pollution for the students. They can choose any essay on water pollution according to need and requirement

Water Pollution Essay 1 (100 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

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Water pollution has become an increasingly problematic problem on Earth, which has affected human and animal life on all aspects. Water pollution is the result of pollution of poisonous pollutants produced by human activity. The entire water is polluted through many sources like urban vegetables, agriculture, industrial, sandy grains, groundwater soluble, animal waste and other human activity. All pollutants are very harmful in the environment. Human population is increasing day by day and thus leading pollution on their needs and the leading level of competition. To save Earth's water and to carry on the possibility of life, you need to follow some of the changes in your habits.

Water Pollution Essay 2 (150 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

Pollution is the most dangerous and the most polluting, which creates a threat to life. The water we drink every day looks very clear, but it includes sophisticated micro-pollutants. Our earth is covered with water (70% of the total), so a little change in it can affect the life around the world.

Due to the large scale use of fertilizers, pesticides and pesticides to increase crop production, pollutants have the highest level of pollutants for agriculture. You need to make vast improvements in the chemicals used in agriculture. Oil is a major polluting water pollutant, oil-based oil from land or rivers, carrying oil through ships, wind crashes, etc. flows through sea or ocean and affects whole water. The water of other hydrocarbons particles falls into the water from the sea or from the sea. Other poisonous wastewater mixed with ground leakage, old mines, dump, sewage, industrial wastes and field leakage are mixed in water.

Water Pollution Essay 3 (200 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

Drinking water levels are decreasing day by day. Drinking water on the earth is limited, but it is polluted due to human activities. Fresh drink is difficult to know about the possibility of life on Earth due to lack of water. Water pollution is a mixture of foreign food through biological, inorganic, biological and radioactive sources of water in water quality and utility.

Hazardous pollutants may contain various types of impurities like harmful chemicals, dissolved gas, suspended cases, dissolving minerals and micro-organisms. All contaminated substances reduce the level of dissolved oxygen in water and affect the life of animals and humans on a large scale. Oxygen is available in water required by the aquatic system to live the life of dissolved oxygen plants and animals. However, there is oxygen demanded by aerobic microorganisms to oxidize organic matter of biochemical oxygen waste. Water pollution has two meanings, namely, natural water contamination (rocks, organic matter decay, soil erosion, sealing, soil erosion, etc.) and the second is a man-made water pollution (because of deforestation, large scale outbreak, industrial waste, household Industries like sewage, artificial chemicals, radio-active waste, fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides etc. Amounting to build.

Water Pollution Essay 4 (250 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

Fresh water is the most important source of life on earth. Any living thing can live a few days food but it is impossible to imagine life without water and oxygen. Demand for more water is increased to increase the human population, which means drinking water, washing, industrial processing, irrigation of crops, swimming pools and other water sports centers. Due to increasing demand and lifestyle, water pollution has been done by people all over the world. Garbage production from most human activities completely damages the whole water and reduces the number of oxygen available in water. Water, such as pollutants, are changing the physical, chemical, thermal and biological features and adversely affect water and water.

When you can drink polluted water, hazardous chemicals and other pollutants enter our body and harm the functioning of all organs in our body and hazardous chemicals that threaten our lives also disrupt the life of animals and plants in large numbers. When the plants absorb dirty water from their roots, they grow and die. Thousands of sea birds are killing people due to oil spills from ships and industry. The chemicals that come out of agricultural use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides have resulted in high levels of water pollution. Water depends on the type of pollution and its water contamination. It is necessary to take immediate measures to the defective part of the drinking water, which is possible by the right beliefs and support of everyone living on Earth.

Water Pollution Essay 5 (300 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

Earth's water is the most important water requirement. Here life and their existence can be of any kind possible. It maintains an ecological balance between biosphere Clean water is needed to complete the purpose of drinking, bathing, washing, electricity generation, crop irrigation, sewage treatment, production processes and many more. Due to rapid industrialization and unplanned urbanization due to rapid human population growth, large quantities of waste are allocated which reduce water quality. Due to the combination of pollutants directly and continuously in the water, water reduces the ability of water to reduce ozone (which destroys harmful microorganisms).

Water pollution spoils the chemical, physical and biological properties of water which is very harmful to humans, animals and plants all over the world. Water pollution has destroyed most species of animals and plants. This is a global problem affecting lives in developed and developing countries. The number of mining, agriculture, fisheries, stock breeding, various industries, urban human activity, urbanization, increasing number of manufacturing industries, domestic wastewater, etc. is causing the entire water to be polluted.

There are many sources of water pollution (dotsource and absolute or scattered sources) as per the specifications of garbage items availed from various sources. Point sources include pipelines, water heel, sewer etc. in the industries, sewage drainage plants, land allocations, hazardous waste places, oil storage leaks from the tank, in which direct wastes are wasted in the air. Different sources of water pollution are agriculture, lots of live-stock feed, parking space and surface road, urban storm flows, etc. In which large areas are poured their immersion pollution on the catchment area. Non-point source pollution contributes greatly to the pollution which is difficult to control and expensive.

Water Pollution Essay 6 (400 words) Water Pollution Essay For College Students With Pdf

Pollution is a major environmental and social problem worldwide. It has reached a critical point now. According to the National Environmental Research Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, 70 percent of the river's water is very polluted. The major river banks of India, like the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, the Indus, the Peninsula, and the Western coastal river, were affected in large numbers. Due to the major rivers in India, the Ganges is especially associated with Indian culture and heritage. People used to bat early in the morning and during the festival and fasting, they used the water of the Ganges as an offering. In the myth of fulfilling the worship, they destroy all the wastes of the worship of the Ganges.

Due to water pollution due to wastage of wastewater, water reproductive efficiency is reduced, hence ban should be imposed in all the countries especially the Indian government, and ban on river water to be clean and fresh. India's situation of water pollution is much worse than other industrialized countries. According to the Central Pollution Control Board report, Ganga is the most polluted river in India. Which is now famous for self-purification and water flow. Nearly 45 tanneries and 10 textile mills are going to Kanpur near Kanpur and they are directly discharging their heavy waste (heavy organic load and decimated material). According to estimates, about 1400 million liters of wastewater and 200 million liters of industrial contamination are continuously being distributed daily on river Ganga.

Other major water pollutants include sugar factories, distilleries, glycerin, tin, paints, soaps, tubers, silk, silk, thread, etc. Immerse the toxic wastes. In 1984, the Central Government established a Central Ganga Authority to launch Ganga Action Plan to control Ganga water pollution. As many as 120 factories were identified in 27 cities spreading heavily from Haridwar to Hooghly. About 19.8 million gallons of waste are being used in the Gomti river near Lucknow, using fiction, paper, distillery, sugar, leather, cloth, cement, heavy chemicals, color and varnish etc. The situation has become worse in the last four decades. To avoid water pollution, all industries must abide by standard criteria, strict laws should be imposed by the pollution control board, arranging proper sewage disposal facilities, sewage treatment and water treatment projects, sulvel type of toilets and more.
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Save Environment Essay For Childrens And Students

Save Environment Essay For Children and Students

Save Environment Essay : The environment usually refers to those environments in which all living and non living things live and establish a sense of attraction with each other. These include air, water, soil, humans, animals etc. Although being part of the city, city or village, we see that the atmosphere around us was basically a natural landscape, for example, a desert, a forest, or even a river that has buildings, Surrounded by humans for roads and factories.

But people associated with metropolitan cities also get food, fish, fuel wood and fodder supplied from the rural areas, which are eventually removed from the natural landscape. Therefore, our reliance on natural resources has taken considerable measures to prevent the destruction and depletion of our natural environment.

Long and Short essay on save the environment in English in 100 words to 1000 words

Save Environment Essay For Childrens And Students 100 words to 1000 words
Save Environment Essay For Childrens And Students

To help you with your examinations and assignments, here are the various length essays on the above topic. You can select any Save Environment Essay as per your requirement:
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Short Essay On Save Environment  - Essay 1 (200 words)

A geographical area or natural world that includes mineral soil, air and water, animals etc. which are affected by human activity are known as the environment. With the movement of Homo sapiens for urbanization and industrialization, there was a development in the medical, industrial and social sectors, the natural landscape was replaced by solid buildings and roads. However, our reliance on these natural landscapes for food, drinking water and agriculture, fuel wood etc. still remains water. Our reliance on nature is such a big extent that we can not survive without protecting our resources.

These natural resources can be broadly classified into renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are those which can be reproduced naturally. These include water, forest, crops etc. On the contrary, non-renewable resources such as oil and minerals can not be replenished and consumption is being consumed at a very fast pace in the current scenario.

Due to this rapid decrease of all forms of natural resources, the main factor is the increase in population and 'consumerism' in the privileged sections of society. It has not only damaged wildlife and trees, but also has interrupted the environment system. Thus, it is high time that we should stop misusing these natural resources and instead use them wisely.

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Essay on save environment - Essay 2 (300 words)

The sum total of all living environments including wind, water, sunlight, etc. and living organisms like animals, plants, humans, etc., provide continuous conditions for development and development, constitute the environment.
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The importance of saving our environment

Today in industrial and urban areas, this environment includes well-constructed roads, multi-story concrete buildings and skyscrapers. Their main purpose is to accommodate the increasing population and provide different luxuries to the rich sections of society.

However, despite the movement, the reliability of human beings remains still on the resources received from nature. We use air for breathing, drinking water and other daily things. Even the food we eat comes from plants and animals including vegetables, milk, eggs etc. In view of these requirements, the security of these resources has become very important which can be classified as follows:

Renewable Resources: As the word suggests, renewable resources can be naturally upgraded through rain and re-development. However, if they continue to consume them in this nature, nature can replace them, they will be eliminated. For example, rubber, wood, fresh water.
Non-renewable resources: These resources have been built under soil under millions of years and therefore they can not be filled. Once used, non-renewable resources including fossil fuels such as coal and oil can not be renewed.

The time is required to stop misuse of resources and use them wisely instead, because Mother Earth can not sustain it with this fast use of resources. It is possible only through 'sustainable development'. In addition, solid and liquid sub-products left in the form of waste by the construction units should be equally managed to prevent pollution, which gives birth to various diseases like cancer and gastro-intestinal diseases. This is only possible if steps are taken on a personal basis solely on the basis of government.
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Essay on save environment ( how to protect and preserve the environment - Essay 3 (400 words)


Since the beginning of time, the environment has helped us to establish relationships with flora and fauna, and eventually our formation and existence have been determined. It has given us different gifts, for example water, sunlight, air, organism and fossil fuels which have made our planet alive.

How to protect and save the environment

Since these resources are available in abundance, they are being used extensively and are being used very much to meet the demand for the explosion in the population and the privileged sections of the privileged sections of the society. Thus, it is important to preserve these natural resources in every way. Here are some ways in which excessive use of natural resources can be preserved:

Mineral and Energy Resources: The energy derived from various minerals including coal, oil and various fossil fuels is also used in large scale in power generation plants and vehicles, which contribute mainly to air pollution. Due to their extraction and consumption, the use of renewable sources such as sunlight, wind and tidal energy should be disseminated to prevent airborne diseases.
Forest Resources: Forests play a very important role in preventing soil erosion and also reduce the effects of drought because they prevent rain water from running from the ground. Apart from this, they not only keep the climate conditions under control, but also maintain carbon dioxide levels for living organisms. Thus, it is important to preserve and expand forests, which can promote the sale of non-wood products, encourage states to rotate schemes and most importantly to plant more trees.
Water Resources: Aquatic ecosystem is used by people for their daily activities such as drinking, cooking, washing etc. and the water cycle maintains it through evaporation and rainfall. However, fresh water is being consumed by humans and due to deforestation (flood) it is being wasted. It is also being polluted at a huge rate. To prevent the water crisis in the near future, many measures need to be taken, in which construction of small reservoirs instead of mega projects, promoting drip irrigation, preventing leakage, municipal waste treatment and recycling are included. .
Food Processing: Various techniques used during the Green Revolution helped reduce starvation by increasing the production of crops, in reality, the quality of soil was reduced. Thus, the durable methods of food production need to be utilized, which includes the use of alternative inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, which promote the consumption of crops on poor soil etc.

Thus, it is only through sustainable development and proper management that we can take steps to protect and protect the environment.
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Essay On Save Environment ( 500 Words )


"There is no generation on this generation. We have a lifetime - with a complete repair lease." These words have been very well cited by Margaret Thatcher and defined our temporary relationship with the natural environment. is. Regardless of the various gifts provided by nature, we feel our life and despite this being deserved to survive like wind, sunlight, water, animals and minerals, we exploited excessively for our own selfish benefits is.

Need to save the environment to save the earth

Due to the increase in the level of population, to meet the needs of our present day, we have been consistent without any investigation that consumes natural resources. We are not worried about our future generations. Thus, the need of time is to preserve the renewable and non-renewable resources provided by nature, if we really need to save the mother Earth.

SOME Effects of pollution on the environment

During the last few decades, water, air and land have become contaminated for availing short-term benefits to the environment for the long term ecological damage. These unwanted changes have not only devastated impact on plants and wildlife, but also those people who have been discussed:

Air pollution: The development of the transport system and the large scale use of petrol and diesel have accelerated the production of undesirable solid and gaseous particles in the air, which are harmful to the environment. With increased levels of carbon monoxide, chloro-fluro-carbon, sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons and even lead levels, the ozone layer responsible for protection against ultra-violet rays has been reduced. As a result, the temperature has increased, which is usually called 'global warming'.
Water pollution: The suspension of water soluble inorganic chemicals from non-treated human and animal waste, mercury and lead, and extraction of organic chemicals including detergents and oils in freshwater ponds and rivers make the water unsuitable for any use. Have given. It has adversely affected the aquatic life, has reduced crop yield and both humans and animals have made the water unsafe for consumption.
Soil Pollution: Due to excessive spraying of fertilizers and pesticides such as DDT, the use of high irrigation water in salt for land purpose is long waste for long term crop yield. It is known as soil pollution which is faster than soil erosion due to human activities such as construction, deforestation etc.
Noise pollution: During India's Diwali, noise, due to the burst of vehicles, factories and especially crackers, contributes to noise pollution. It adversely affects animals because they are not able to adapt such noise and instead undergo a loss of hearing.

Every person should contribute fully to preserve the environment and should not be mainly dependent on the government. Deliberately or unknowingly, we contribute towards pollution on a daily basis. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote rainwater harvesting as consumers of nature's gifts, participating in the process of recycling products separately and collectively, avoiding the waste of resources like electricity and fresh water etc. This is a small step that we can improve the health of our ailing planet effectively.
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Essay on Save the Environment - Essay 5 (600 words)


The gifts provided by the natural environment are joy for mankind as well as other living beings. These natural resources, including air, sunlight, fresh water, fossil fuels, etc. are so important that life can never be possible without them. However, with the increase in the greed of material goods by the large population, these resources are being exploited and abused beyond their boundaries. This is proving to be more dangerous for human health than 'economic development', which has been discussed.

Because of saving the environment to save life on Earth

The following are the points describing pollution due to misuse of natural resources and their effects on the waste and living on the living beings on earth, thus we must save our environment to save life on Earth:

Air Pollution: Fossil fuel burning in the industries for transportation and the use of gasoline and diesel for transport and transportation for electricity is a terrible contribution in polluting the air. As a result, levels of sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons, chloro-fluro-carbon, carbon monoxide etc. have increased. These hazardous gas negatively impact human health due to negative human bronchitis, lung cancer and many other respiratory diseases. Apart from this, due to the reduction of ozone layer, they make mankind vulnerable to ultraviolet rays; Air pollution not only increases the 'global warming' but also weakens the immune system.
Water Pollution: Suspension of water soluble inorganic chemicals from the industries, release of untreated man and animal waste in fresh water and removal of fertilizers and pesticides during irrigation in the rivers leads to water pollution. It not only makes the water unsuitable for drinking, which causes the gastro-intestines to be consumed but causes cancer. Apart from this, negatively affecting aquatic life, water pollution makes fish unsuitable for consumption.
Soil Pollution: The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the soil not only kills bad but also good insects, which gives us less nutritious crops. Apart from this, due to soil pollution in many years mutations, cancer, etc. are exposed to chemical infected crops. In the frequency of flood, due to excessive deforestation and construction aids, soil erosion occurs, resulting in massive destruction of human life.
Noise pollution: Excessive noise generated from factories and vehicles can cause physical damage to the ear, resulting in temporary or permanent hearing loss. Between Homo sapiens, noise pollution also has a negative effect on mental, emotional, and psychological health, causing tension, anxiety and irritability, which has adverse effects on performance at work.
Ways to save the environment

Considering the pages of history, it can be seen that our ancestors were more concerned about saving our environment than us today. This can be seen in the contribution of Sunderlal Bahuguna, who used to protect forest resources through the Chipko movement. Similarly, Medha Patkar effectively protected the tribal people's environment, which was negatively affected due to the construction of dams on the river Narmada. As today's youth, we can take small steps to save our natural environment:

In order to prevent excessive use of non-renewable resources, we should promote the concept of 3R, ie reduce, recycle, and reuse. For example, metal scraps can be used to make new metal products.
Use energy saving energy efficient tube lights and bulbs.
Wherever possible reduce the use of paper and wood products and go for e-book and e-paper.
Reduce the use of fossil fuels by walking or using a car pool or public transport.
Use plastic bags instead of jute / cloth bags.
Use rechargeable batteries / solar panels.
Establishment of compost bin to produce fertilizer to reduce the use of fertilizers.


Although the government has prepared various schemes and has established laws in favor of saving both nature and wildlife. It is the duty of every person to protect the environment for future generations, because we are consuming its benefits. It can be very reasonably understood in Lester Brown's words, "We have not inherited this land from our ancestors: we have borrowed it from our children".
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Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution essay

Noise pollution essay- Noise pollution or noise pollution shows the presence of excessive and disturbing noise (from machines, transport systems, aircraft, trains, etc.) in a very harmful environment for the physical and mental health of living beings on the environment.

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Long and Short Essay on Noise Pollution in English

Noise pollution has become one of the major problems in India which affects human life in many ways. We must all know the causes, effects and most importantly the preventive measures of noise pollution to be prevented from its effects. School students generally get this subject to write something according to their own thoughts during competitions such as essay writing etc. We have provided some easy written essay on the noise pollution under the range of different words for the students. You can select any noise pollution essay according to your need and requirement.

Noise Pollution Essay 1 (100 words)

Noise pollution is considered as environmental pollution from the excess levels of noise through many sources. Noise pollution is also known as noise in noise. Excessive noise is harmful to health and causes imbalance in human or animal life. This has been a huge environmental issue in India which requires proper attention to solve, though it is less dangerous than water, air and soil pollution. Excessive noise occurs due to sources like machines, transport systems, poor urban planning (construction of side-by-side industrial and residential buildings). Indoor noise sources are domestic machines, building construction activities, vigorous music etc. The common loss due to the most noise pollution is permanent hearing loss due to ear drum damage.

Noise Pollution Essay 2 (150 words)

To maintain daily life, normal level of sound is necessary, though unwanted sound or noise which is not tolerated by people, animals or plants, causes noise pollution in the environment. The noise is generally known as the unwanted sound created by many industrial or non-industrial sources used in our nearby daily life. High-level sound specifically creates unpleasant effects and discomfort for health for ears.

Unwanted speech usually interferes in daily routine activities such as sleep, conversation, listening ability, feeling well at night. Water animals are also influenced by noise pollution created by the noise of submarines and large ships in the sea. Forest animals have been largely affected due to timer-operated operation (causing excessive noise) by timer companies. Common sources of noise pollution are home gadgets, transport vehicles, jet aircraft, helicopters, industrial machines, etc. According to the World Health Organization, industries must limit their sound production up to 75 dB.

Noise Pollution Essay 3 (200 words)

Noise pollution is pollution due to high and unsafe levels of noise in the environment, due to which many humans, animals and plants have many health disorders. Common problems caused by noise pollution reduce the sensitivity of stress related diseases, anxiety, problems of communication, speech interference, hearing loss, lost productivity, sleep disruption, fatigue, headache, irritability, anxiety, weakness, and noise The ear gets the rhythm, etc. to maintain the body. This causes the gradual loss of hearing ability in the long run. Continuous contact with high level sound leads to permanent loss of shelter.

High levels of noise include major problems, injuries, physical trauma, blood circulation around the brain, big bubbles in the limbs, and even marine animals, especially whales and dolphins are also dead because they can communicate They use their listening ability, find food, defend and survive in water. The source of noise in the water is the sonar of the Navy submarine which can be felt around 300 miles away. The consequences of noise pollution are more dangerous and worrisome in the near future.

There are many preventive measures of noise pollution, some are like promoting the construction of soundproofed rooms in industries, industries and factories, should be away from residential buildings, drain pipe damaged motorbike repair, noise vehicles, airports, buses, railway Ban stations and other transport terminals should be away from living places, declaring a silent area near educational institutions and hospitals, and To absorb Global IP Sound allow vegetation along the roads to reduce noise pollution and residential areas.

Noise Pollution Essay 4 (250 words)

Noise pollution is caused by high levels of unwanted sound in the environment which causes pain. Some of the main sources of noise pollution are noise generated by road traffic, air craft noise, railroad noise, construction (buildings, highways, city roads, flyovers etc.), industrial noise, noise generated by noise, house on daily basis (electricity Due to home appliances, plumbing, generators, air conditioners, boilers, fans, etc.), and consumer products (such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.) Ksr, juicer, pressure cooker) noise, TV, mobile, dryer, cooler, etc.).

In some countries (poor people like India, etc.) Urban urban pollution plays an important role in urban pollution as this scheme involves the construction of houses surrounded with large families in small families (fight for parking, basic needs Fights etc.). Causes noise pollution. The people of the new generation play music in full volume and dance for late nights, so that neighbors have many physical and mental problems. The loss of the ability of the normal person to listen correctly in a high level of noise. High level of noise gradually affects health and acts as a slow poison.

It greatly influences wildlife, plant life, and humans. Normally, the ability of our ear to accept the only fixed limit of sound without any damage to the ear. However, our ears can not bear the regular risk of strong levels of noise and can damage the ear drum, resulting in temporary or permanent loss of the hearing. It also causes other disorders such as sleep disorder, fatigue, weakness, cardiovascular issues, stress, high blood pressure, communication problems, etc.

Noise Pollution Essay 5 (300 words)

There are various types of pollution in the environment, soil pollution is one of them and has become more dangerous for health. It has become so dangerous that it can be compared to other dangerous problems like cancer, in which slow death is guaranteed. Noise pollution is increasing the level of dangerous gift and industrialization and urbanization of modern lifestyles. If regular and effective tasks are not taken to control, then it can be very serious for future generations. Due to the increasing level of unwanted sound in noise pollution environment, pollution is due to noise. This is a major potential threat to health and causes a huge level of communication problems.

High level of noise brings irritation in the behavior of many people, especially in the behavior of diseased, old people and pregnant women. Unwanted sound causes the problem of deafness and other chronic disorders like ear drum, ear pain etc. Sometimes the high sound music pleases the audience, though it disturbs other people. Any unwanted sound in the environment is harmful to health. Some sources of extreme pollution in noise pollution include industries, factories, transport, traffic, airplane engines, train sounds, home appliances, construction etc.

The noise levels of 60 dB are considered as normal noise, however, the noise level of 80 dB or above becomes physically painful and harmful to health. Cities with high noise quantum are Delhi (80 dB), Kolkata (87 dB), Bombay (85 dB), Chennai (89 dB) etc. Limiting noise levels at a safe level has become very important for life, as the Earth also affects unwanted noise, the health of plants and animals. Through general awareness of noise pollution among the public, its main source, this dangerous effect, as well as all potential preventive measures are possible to avoid noise pollution.

Noise Pollution Essay 6 (400 words )

Noise pollution occurs due to the noise when the noise level increases in the environment compared to the normal level. Excessive amount of noise in the environment is unsafe for the purpose. The unpleasant sound causes various disturbances in natural balance. High volume noise is unnatural and they create difficulty in avoiding the noise generated. In such a modern and technological world, where everything is possible through the use of electrical appliances at home or outside the home, the risk of noise has increased greatly.

Increasing demand for urbanization and industrialization in India is having a great deal of people's unwanted voices. To prevent noise pollution in order to infiltrate within time it is necessary to understand, plan and implement strategies. Sound, as we use unnecessary sources of music, television, phone, traffic, dog barking and noise making in our everyday life, have become part of urban culture, and also the most disturbing things are the headaches, Sleep causes problems for stress, stress etc. Threats in the natural rhythm of life are called hazardous pollutants. Due to noise pollution or sources and effects are as follows:

Causes of noise pollution

Industrialization is putting our health and life at risk, because all (large or small) industries are using large quantities of high-pitch sound generating machines in large quantities. Other equipments (compressor, generator, exhaust fans, grinding mills) used in factories and industries also produce large noise.

Regular social events like weddings, parties, pubs, clubs, discs or worship, temples etc produce nuisance in the residential area.

Increasing transport in cities (vehicles, airplanes, underground trains, etc.) produces heavy noise.

Regular construction activities (including mining, bridges, buildings, dams, stations, roads, flyovers, etc.) include high level noise making equipment.

The use of home appliances in our daily lives is also the main reason for noise pollution.

Effects of noise pollution

Noise pollution causes the cause of various hearing problems (loss of ear drum and loss of hearing) due to unwanted sound.

This reduces the ear sensitivity for the sounds required to control the body rhythm.

It affects psychological health and in later life causes other serious and chronic health problems including aggressive behavior, sleep disturbance, stress, weakness, fatigue, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases.

It creates communication problems and causes misunderstandings.

Affects wildlife and makes pets more aggressive.

Preventive Measures:

General awareness should be increased among people to control insecure sound levels in the environment and all the rules should be followed seriously. Unnecessary use of high-pitch sound products should be reduced in the home or outside of the home such as clubs, parties, bars, disco etc.

Noise pollution essay 7 (800 words)

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is pollution due to various noise sources, whether industrial or non-industrial humans, plants and animals affect health in many aspects. Regularly growing level of noise pollution is keeping the lives of current generation and future generations at high risk. I have discussed the sources, effects, legal aspects, controlling noise pollution and the conclusion of noise pollution.

The sources of noise pollution are as follows

The level of urban pollution has been greatly increased in India by urbanization, modern civilization, industrialization etc. The noise spread is due to industrial and non-industrial sources. Industrial sources of noise include the use of large machines of high technologies working on high speed and high level noise intensity in different industries. Non-industrial sources of noise include noise generated outside industries such as transport, vehicle traffic and other mediums. Non-industrial sources of noise can be made natural or human. Some industrial and non-industrial sources of noise pollution are given below:

The noise made by the low-flying military aircraft has added noise to the environment to a large extent.

Road traffic noise is increasing day by day in the city because the motor and exhaust system of vehicles such as trucks, buses, auto, motorcycles, personal car etc. The reason for the long buildings in the cities has to be revived for some time.

Industrial noise produced by manufacturing plants due to the use of motors, compressors, fans etc.

Construction noise created by the construction of long buildings, roads, highways, city roads etc through the use of pneumatic hammers, bulldozers, air compressor, dump truck, loader, footpath breaker etc.

The noise of railroad roads (leaving the operation in rail engines, seats, switching or rail yards) is also very effective in building high level noise pollution because they produce extreme levels of noise of 100 feet of 100 dB Are there.

Noise was built in the building due to plumbing, generators, boilers, home appliances, music, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, fans and other noise activities in the neighborhood.

Another source of noise pollution is the use of variety of fire crackers (high sound generated) during festivals and other family occasions.

The effects of noise pollution are as follows

Noise pollution greatly affects the health of humans, animals and properties. Some of these are mentioned below:

Increasing noise pollution in the day is reducing the efficiency and quality of human work.

Noise pollution reduces the concentration level because high levels of noise cause fatigue and exhaustion.

Affects pregnant women highly and causes burns and abortion.

People cause different diseases (hypertension and mental illness) because it disturbs the peace of mind.

High level of noise reduces work quality and thus causes a lack of concentration level.

This can be the cause of temporary or permanent deafness because the noise levels of 80 to 100 dB are unsafe for the people.

It also damages the historic monuments, old buildings, bridges, etc., because it weakens the structure by creating dangerous waves running on the walls.

Animals lose control over their brains and can be more dangerous because high-level noise damages their nervous system.

It also affects plants and causes the production of poor quality crops.

The following legal aspects are to control noise pollution

The Constitution of India guarantees the right to life, right to information, religion and the right to noise.

Section 133 empowers the human to remove public nuisance on a conditional or permanent order.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1996, noise pollution control rule 2000 involves controlling the increasing problem of noise pollution.

Factory Act Noise in machinery and noise reduction in the range of oil for noise exposure.

The Motor Vehicles Act includes changes in horn usage and fault engines.

The Indian Penal Code relates to health and safety issues due to noise pollution. One can be punished under the laws of Torts.


Increasing levels of noise pollution have created an urgent need for general awareness of source pollution sources, effects and preventive measures. In areas like working places, educational institutions, residential areas, hospitals etc. should be prohibited at high levels of noise. Young children and students should be motivated to be involved in high sound production tasks such as the use of high sound production equipment and equipment opportunities. The use of fire crackers which produce high level sound should be reduced during occasions such as festivals, parties, marriage etc. Topics related to noise pollution should be added in textbooks and activities can be organized in schools such as lectures, discussions, etc. so that the new generation can be more conscious and responsible citizens.

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Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay: Environmental pollution is due to man-made factors. These factors come on the richness of nature's ancient glory and rich abundance of resources. Then nature responds to its injury - climate change, danger to health, polluted and contaminated air, food and water - because it does not want it because its resources are reduced and it is forced

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Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution
Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution
Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution

Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Following are the essays on environmental pollution which highlight the long and short aspects of environmental pollution. You can find them helpful in preparing for your exams / assignments. You can select any environmental pollution essay according to your requirement and requirement:

Essay on Environmental Pollution - Essay 1 (250 words)

Environmental pollution can be described as a deadly earth-related disease that affects plants, animals, plants and organisms and humans. This is always due to the heavy burden on natural resources by increasing human population. It tampers with nature which protects the existence of animated and inanimate beings.

environmental pollution

Pollution poisons the atmospheric air that we breathe under ozone, which is a protective hello surrounded by earth; Save us from the sun's heat from the sun's hot heat.

To use chemicals in agricultural activities, such as fertilizer, pesticide spray, vegetables and fruits, injecting chemicals to increase their livestock, to conserve the food, inorganic and artificially grown food. Ends.

Once again, concrete industrial wastes and fumes release polluted lands, rivers, seas and environments. Earth, trying to roam the space for more than the world's population, is fighting a losing battle against urban development, which is encroaching on its green land and forests. Moving forward and occupying the land is further available. Human resources are eating and taking weapons in the natural resources that empties the earth by mining and mining; To cater to a continuous growing prosperity.

Chasing animals in their dangerous habitat from their natural habitat where they wander in search of food. And become victims for humans, who find it easy to kill them for food and their parts of the body are bought for buyers for marketing parties.


Environmental pollution is an unnatural cyclic ring and racket which is finally ready to climb the face of existence from Earth by reducing human health, resources, pure food, water and air; Dangerous climate change and ruthless natural disasters.

Essay on environmental pollution and its impact on health - Essay 2 (300 words)

The environment is like our mother. If he is unwell then how do you believe that he will be able to nurse or nurture with his milk for infants and other care components for adults in their nature. His care is a physical, intellectual and emotional support which is healthy for his children. Similarly, all the natural resources related to our earth are like our inheritance for our health and the future. When we become selfish and dig deep in our resources, we humiliate and pollute it. When we become greedy, we also empty its casket. Yet our health depends on its welfare. This is a direct equation.

Its effect on environmental pollution and health

It is not necessary to repeat that environmental pollution has worsened and has spread its toxic tent in very basic human needs - food, water, air, soil - affecting breathing, eating, drinking or affecting human and animal health. is. Gas emissions from industries, automotive combustion and burning fossil fuels; Oil spills, solid industrial waste, city waste, plastic dumps find their way into water; Likewise, the waste of vegetables and inorganic methods of agriculture, soil is deprived of its reproductive capacity. Since soil is the source of food, water is for drinking and air is for breathing; All three polluted substances inject their toxic substances into the human body and cause diseases in it.

Among the diseases, any of these may include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, skin cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, lead toxicity, mercury poisoning, radiation cultured cancer, allergies, birth defects, lung diseases, various toxic Due to commercial contact of substances; There is an unlimited list.


We are not only leaning towards an unhealthy future for all living beings. Signal of reducing health is strong and clear - Pollution - In the air we breathe, drink water and use it for various purposes and inorganic food, which we process and eat.

Essay on the causes of environmental pollution - Essay 3 (500 words)


As a solid, liquid or gas, when we add harmful substances in it, the environment becomes polluted. The main types of pollution are - air, water, soil, noise, thermal, atom and radiation. The reason for this is long and consistent development and human activity to meet the continuous materialistic demands of a growing world population for a long time.

Due to environmental pollution

Polluted air - Industries consume and run coal, charcoal, petroleum products and natural gas. After consumption, they produce energy for the manufacture of industrial goods. At the end of the tail of the yield, large quantities of toxic gases are sold or extracted as the result of these natural resources or side effects. These are toxic gases, i.e. sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and mineral treated untreated dust particles. Motor vehicle emits similar risks from emitted smoke.

Forest and tree deficiency - trees are a major source of air cleaning. They discharge CO2 in the atmosphere and remove the breathing oxygen from the organisms. And shouting at the top of the roof and hugging in the throat: Stop cutting trees, stop destroying forests; For the same reason. But of course they are necessary to decorate our homes as wooden goods. The price of a tree should be high as an invaluable diamond or a special prohibited animal fur. Our refrigerators and other cooling electronics release CFCs, which is a gas that drills a hole in enfolding the ozone of the Earth, which is gradually separating it. This is telling us about the dangers of extreme heat, which the world calls and refers to it as climate change.

Contaminated water - Chemical residues of fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields mix them in the soil and go into the water. Solid and liquid form of residual waste from industries; Urban wastes and untreated sewage and dirty water all flow into our water bodies. And it is corrupting our rivers, oceans and oceans that threaten our marine life. This will include casual oil spills from sea tankers, carriers and containers due to human negligence.

Contaminated soil - We are rejecting our soil from fertile fertile. Incandescent use of chemically endangered fertilizers, pesticides, and pesticides crops actually contaminate the soil. Inaccessible waste and sewage encroach encroachment on the land, so that it is bundled in the spreading cities. The green belt is the only grassland field left for animals. Drilling, digging and mining layers of all the minerals and granite become empty and empty, leaving the soil and leaving the rocky hills. All these factors provide land for planting and harvesting waste. Leave uncontrolled, inorganic farming practices unstable to grow the soil.

nuclear radiation

The potentially destructive threat to the environment is from nuclear radiation, which is called atomic holocaust. Chernobyl, Russia and Bhopal, India are a brief example of the gas tragedy that will lead it and how the world will end.


All causes of pollution are mostly man-made. We have to stop nature from attacking and we have to reserve whatever we can with our remaining resources. We will succeed if we willingly or sadly remove the causes that cause the environment to be polluted and polluted.

Essay on the impact of environmental pollution - Essay 4 (600 words)


In the name of unbearable progress and development, humans have emphasized on ancient glory that once the earth was there. What has happened with it now is the effect of the exploitation of its natural resources. Despite our so-called 'progress', despite a crashing future, we can not expect a bright future. Environment and the population can maintain themselves due to the effects of the population of the environment.

Human development has come in full circle - from creation to self destruction. Both our quantity and quality of natural wealth - air for life, water for drinking and otherwise, land for forest and food - is sacrificing us.

To prove it, you do not need to see or go away. Look at the garbage inside your house and look at the heap of every heap. Pushing the deaf horns to damage their ears, vehicles come out of smoke, pure water is beyond the limits like a dream. Due to the effects of pollution, your throat, eyes and nose are itching, itching and poisoning.

Effects of environmental pollution on health

Effects on air

The respiratory system is harmless to dust and carbon particles suspended in the air in the form of smoke, smoke and smoke. Due to emissions from industrial and manufacturing units; Fossil fuel is burning for energy, the combustion of carbon smoke carriage.

These factors affect the immune system in order to cause allergies and infections due to the virus transmitted through air and infected birds and animals.

Environmental pollution also affects systems and body parts. This causes cancer, bronchitis, respiratory disease in children and adults; Liver, lung and heart disease; Nose failure due to infection, allergies and swelling of the throat are the effects of air pollution.

Impact on land, soil and food

Organic and chemical human waste both poison the air with its scent. It introduces chemicals in soil and water. In the form of pesticides and fertilizers for land pollution crops, due to insufficient agricultural practices; Seasonal farming and soil erosion; Dust from farming; Animal manure and carcass and crop residues.

Effects on water

Water becomes contaminated with waste and debris and chemical effulgent from industries and man-made dumps. This water is used for drinking and irrigation of crops which either gets damaged or the germ gets infected. Due to the same water the animals drink and die. It also affects marine life. 80% of the marine pollution comes from the land which runs its entire chemicals, particles, industrial, agriculture and other dangerous organisms. All the water carrying waste, garbage and sewage flows into the oceans on large scale rivers and empties. Animals, in addition to grazing, revolve around the same water, swallow plastics and chemically endangered items. It affects their organs and also accelerates the mortality rate in them.

Influence on food (safety)

Soil and water pollution contaminate food, which also affects health. Food is engaged with chemical components obtained through the first phase of development and cycle of the cycle and ends in the markets with their production and sale. To start using fertilizers and pesticides and polluted water in the soil, to use the protector after harvest, to increase their life.

Impact on climate

Climate change is defined as a variation in normal weather patterns due to pollution. It affects physical and biological units in the biosphere.

Also known as global warming is the overheating of the Earth's hemisphere. Through the rays and emissions of the sun, heat, protective, ozone layer gradually gets spoiled; Insert heat trapping inside.

The heat has been stuck uninhibited for 50 to 200 years, after which it is emitted. The effects of our coming generations will be felt broadly. Extreme and irregular hot and cold temperatures affect humans, animals and biosphere. Other volatile climatic features are: - Drought, flat land, temporary or shallow rain and snow; carbon particles in the atmosphere have been suspended and blurred; Due to the rejected soil too severe dust storm; Gale, avalanches, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


Humans have spread adequately on their natural ecological resources at the cost of health of the creatures of nature - animated and inanimate The effects are now emerging at high speeds and weighing critics in more than 100 years.

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Essay on Solution of Environmental Pollution - Essay 5 (800 words)


Even when we start this topic in the beginning and in the beginning we do not appeal to stop smoking without the prevailing dictionary delay. Smoking smoke that smokes and kills those innocent people who are subject to passive smoking. Smoke of any kind is not just a health problem, but it is in serious danger inside or outside the environment.

Solutions to prevent environmental pollution

Similarly, after long-term damage, it is also appropriate to control farming practices and gradually change to be environment-friendly. With the help of government-assisted and subsidized, farmer-friendly, siddha practices, farmers should be bothered to see the benefits of environmental agricultural practices. Here are some effective solutions to prevent environmental pollution:

Clean and green

We just need to try and reduce our daily needs by keeping them small, simple and minimal. And tune them properly to comply with nature and its procedures. In the organic forms for future use - we should get rid of our housing and shelters of unnecessary waste deposits for disposal, treatment and recycling.

To avoid catching the infection, housing and toilets should be spike and spawn, clean and disinfectant. Industry belting should be pasted with smoking regulatory norms. Household fireplace smoke filter must be attached to the gauge.

Ban on plastic should be turned into a movement. This will be stopped by issuing a big penalty on this. This will encourage the use of recycled paper packets from the waste. Be as ethnic as possible in preparing your homes and houses, because handicrafts and semi-identical items are original and follow the eco-friendly template.

Eco-Friendly Farming and Food

In case of systematic fertilization of fertilizers, there is less amount of toxicity in the crops. The result is healthy and healthy food.

Consumption of greenhouse gases for treatment of meat processing plants is 7 times higher than the treatment of vegetarian diet. Apart from the economic, the main disadvantage is the inevitable extinction of the race of animals from the race for the environment. It will not be less than the curse for mankind's existence. The truth is that a carnivorous diet is considered unnatural, whether it is chicken, pork, mutton or meat. However, those who are looking for these options are available in their vegetarian form - in satin, tofu, legumes or tempea markets.

Hybrid food farming should be replaced by genetically produced organic food. Inherent interests prefer hybrid forms because they are produced in large quantities, insect resistant, preserved and lasting longer. Even systematically produced food is unique in its time tested quality and healthy diet. We should aim to preserve and produce genetically pure crops and vegetables because they will make a long way in keeping us healthy and alive.

'Greener' cleaning options

Chemical poisoning and synthetic chemical solvents are used for cleaning parts and surfaces, especially in children, causing skin injury, corrosion, and allergies. They should not be tolerated because 'green' is solvents and insecticides, which adhere to effective, economic and environmental compliance rules.

Hazardous Waste Recycling

Treatment of hazardous wastewater before recycling plastic waste disposal will help sewage pipes, gutters and garbage landfills inadvertently.

Conservation of Natural Resources: Not to say excessive and illegal mining practices

The government is slowly waking up on the clear call of climate change and the decline in the environment. Many civilian platforms and workers including the United Nations are pressurizing the natural resources to create regulatory bodies in the form of natural dogs to regulate 'theft' and 'hunting' as regulatory bodies.

Educate the environment

The largest biodiversity and thick green forest cover in the development of tropical countries and an exceptionally expanding population. These factors present them as 'sitting ducks' for hungry predators and exploiters; Even if they become victims of anti-environmental policies. Environmental education is the only direct syllabus for awareness and protection. We must educate the young and old generations of our underlying link with the delicate conditions of the biosphere and the environment system.


Political, economic, social and ethical parts are high for preserving the purity of the Earth. Our environmental system is interconnected. There will be another imbalance over stress on one half. We should understand and approach the contingency and attitude of reforming our environment, in the form of resting our shoulders alone. There is no other option. This is a heritage, whose main foundation is in the attitude of care and security: if we want to breathe clean air, then eat good food and inherit a green, eco friendly earth.
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Air Pollution Essay

Air pollution essay : air pollution refers to the pollution of atmospheric air due to the presence of certain substances and gases (from anthropogenic or natural sources), which contain harmful and toxic effects.

Long and Short essay on air pollution in English
Long and Short essay on air pollution in English

Long and Short essay on air pollution in English

The fresh air of the environment is getting polluted every day, because particles are polluted due to the mixture of organic molecules and other harmful substances. Such polluted air is causing health problems, diseases and deaths. Air pollution is one of the most important environmental issues that we have seen and should be resolved by the efforts of all of us. To increase awareness among students about this issue, Air pollution essay has become an important topic for essay writing competition. So, you are a student at the right place, just move on. Such essays on air pollution will help you win essay writing competition because it is written in very simple English language using all the easy words.

Air Pollution Essay 1 (100 words)

Air pollution is the most serious problem due to the large level of industrialization in the current time around the world, especially in big cities. High concentrations like releasing air pollutants such as smoke, particles, solid materials etc., thereby causing air pollution and health hazards in the city. Many dirty waste produced by people on a daily basis, especially in large cities, pollute the entire atmospheric air to a great extent.

The release of gaseous pollutants from burning fuel from motor vehicles, industrial processes, wastes etc., is contributing to air pollution. Some natural pollutants such as pollen, dust, soil particles, natural gas etc. are also the source of air pollution.

Air Pollution Essay 2 (150 words)

Air Pollution is a mixture of any harmful substances in the atmosphere, causing fresh air damage, human health disorders, reducing quality of life etc. Due to the increasing number of industries, air pollution is increasing day by day. Such polluted air never stays in one place, although it spreads throughout the environment and affects the lives of people around the world. Due to the increasing variety of diseases, mortality has increased in humans. Polluted air we breathe every breath due to lung disorders and even lung cancer, which affects the health of other body parts.

Air pollution is constantly damaging the entire ecosystem and also affects the life of plants and animals. It has reached this critical phase and is affecting the entire environment by allowing more harmful radiation from the Sun to Earth. Then the polluted air acts as a better insulator, which prevents heat from running back into space.

Air Pollution Essay 3 (200 words)

Air pollution is one of the main environmental issues nowadays. There are several reasons to increase the air pollution regularly. Most of the air pollution is caused by automobile, transportation equipment, industrialization, rising cities etc. Release of many harmful gases or dangerous elements from such sources is causing the entire atmospheric air pollution. The ozone layer is also being affected by air pollution which causes serious environmental defects. The growing need of increasing human population is the main reason for pollution. Daily human activities cause the release of dangerous chemicals, causing the atmosphere to become dirty and negatively impacts climate change.

The industrialization process releases many harmful gases, particles, paint and batteries, releases cigarette carbon monoxide, transport means CO2 and other toxic substances release in the atmosphere. All pollutants are exposed to the atmosphere, destroying the ozone layer and calling the harmful rays of the sun on the earth. To reduce the level of air pollution, we will bring some major changes in our habits on a daily basis. We should not cut trees, use public transport, avoid spray cans and do so many activities in favor of reducing the impact of air pollution.

Air Pollution Essay 4 (250 words)

Air pollution is a mixture of foreign substances in the entire atmospheric air. Harmful and poisonous gases emitted by industries and motor vehicles cause huge losses to living organisms, whether plants, animals or humans. Some natural and various human resources are causing air pollution. However, most air pollution sources come from human activities such as fossil fuels, burning coal and oil, leaving harmful gases and substances of factories and motor vehicles. Harmful chemical compounds such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, solid particles, etc. are mixed in fresh air. Due to the increased requirement of motor vehicles since last century, the level of air pollution has increased substantially due to an increase of 690% in harmful pollution.

Other sources of air pollution are the depletion of waste in the landfill and disposal of solid waste which are methane gas (dangerous for health). Rapid growth in the use of population, industrialization, automobile, airplane etc. has made this issue a serious environmental problem. The air we breathe every moment is filled with pollutants which causes countless health problems through our lungs and whole body through blood. Polluted air is harming plants, animals and humans in many direct and indirect ways. If environmental protection policies are not seriously followed and strictly, the increased level of air pollution can increase up to one million tonnes annually in recent decades.

Air Pollution Essay 5 (300 words)

When fresh air is polluted through dust, toxic gases, smoke, motor vehicles, mills and factories, etc., which is called air pollution. As we all know that fresh air is the most important element of healthy life, we need to think about what happens if the entire atmospheric air gets dirty. First of all, air pollution is very sorry for the whole human bondage. Some major reasons for air pollution are using poisonous fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides in the agricultural areas by innocent farmers for the increase in crop production. Air pollution is being done by mixing chemicals and hazardous gas (ammonia) released from such fertilizers in fresh air.

Burning petroleum fuels, including fossil fuels such as coal, other factory combustible, are the main reasons for air pollution. Various types of smoking emissions from automobiles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, trains, airplanes etc. are also causing air pollution. Increasing numbers of industries are causing the release of toxic industrial smoke and harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide, organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc.) from the factories and mills to the environment. Some indoor activities of people, such as clean use of products, innocent powder, paint, etc., emit various toxic chemicals in the air.

Increasing levels of air pollution also increases the negative and harmful effects of living organisms. Air pollution is increasing the global warming due to the increase in atmospheric temperature due to the increasing level of greenhouse gases. Such greenhouse gases again forced greenhouse effect and sea level rise, melting glaciers, changing weather, changing climate, etc. Increases in air pollution lead to many fatal diseases (cancer, heart attack, asthma, bronchitis, kidney disease, etc.) and for death. Various important animals and plant species have been completely destroyed from this planet. Increasing levels of harmful gases in the environment is causing the acid rain and reducing the ozone layer.

Air Pollution Essay 6 (400 words)

The rising concentration of harmful and poisonous substances in the atmosphere of the atmosphere is causing air pollution. Exhausted from various human activities, foreign particles, toxic gases and other pollutants are affecting fresh air, which adversely affect the living beings, such as humans, animals and plants. The level of air pollution depends on the type and quantity of pollution released from different sources. Geographic and weather conditions are increasing the dissemination and concentration of pollution. The diversity of raw materials used in the manufacturing process in the industries is increasing the type and quantity of emissions of harmful gases. Increasing population density is demanding more industrialization, which eventually causes air pollution.

Air pollutants such as harmful liquid droplets, solid particles, and toxic gases (carbon, halogen and non-halogen hydrocarbons, nitrogen and sulfur gases, cases of suspended inorganic particles, inorganic and organic acids, bacteria, viruses, insecticides etc.) But the components of fresh air are not very dangerous for plant and animal life. There are two types of air pollution sources that are natural sources and man-made sources. Some natural sources of air pollution are like volcanic eruptions, volcanoes (ash, carbon dioxide, smoke, dust and other gases), sea, sea, soil particles, storms, forest fires, sands from cosmic particles, dust, salt spray Bombardment of refraction, ray, asteroid content, comet, pollen grains, fungal spire, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Man-made sources of air pollution are industries, agriculture, power plants, automobiles, domestic sources, etc. Some air pollutants from man-made sources use smoke generated from smoke, dust, smoke, particles matter, gas from kitchens, emissions from various domestic vehicles, emissions, insecticides, herbs, power plants, smokes, fly ash etc. Due to the increasing number of air pollutants, it is divided into two types of primary pollutants and secondary pollution. Primary pollutants directly affect fresh air and smoke, ash, dust, smoke, mist, spray, inorganic gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitric oxide and radioactive compounds are emitted. Secondary pollutants affect the air indirectly by chemical interactions for primary pollutants and other atmospheric components such as sulfur-trioxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide etc.

Attempts with humans in the whole world can help control the level of air pollution. The establishment of industrial estate should be away from the residential areas, using smaller temperature firearms (with filters and electrostatic preseter), use of non-combustible sources of energy, promoting the use of non-lead, antiknock in gasoline Agent, promote plantation and so many positive efforts.

The above air pollution essays are useful for a series of students studying in class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. You can choose any of these according to your need and requirement in any event to use in the examination or essay writing competition.
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Pollution Essay

Pollution essay : Pollution refers to the mixture of pollutants or pollutants (either foreign substances or naturally occurring pollutants) in natural resources and the environment which causes various adverse changes and affects life on Earth.

Pollution Essay and essay on pollution
Pollution Essay

Long and Short Essay on Pollution in English

Pollution in India is a big environmental issue that everyone should know about. Our children and school going children of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 usually get the subject of pollution to write an essay or read a lecture on it. Parents should be aware of the types of pollution, causes and prevention measures to help their children. We have given some essay on pollution to help you and your children. You can select any pollution essay according to the requirement and requirement.
we give All Essay On Pollution from 100 words to 500 words 

Pollution Essay 1 (100 words)

Pollution is the pollution of the natural environment that exists around us and helps in normal life. In our natural environment and ecosystem, any type of pollution causes insecurity, health disorder and inconvenience in normal life. It disrupts natural systems and thus disturbs the balance of nature.

Pollutants or pollutants are foreign substances or waste materials created by human substances and pollute natural resources like air, water or soil etc. The chemical nature of the pollutants, concentration and long-lasting persistence constantly upset the ecosystem. Pollutants can be poisonous gas, insecticides, herbs, fungus, noise, organic compounds and radioactive substances.

Pollution Essay 2 (100 words)

As we all know, our environment is very important for our healthy existence on earth. A healthy environment depends on the good habits of humans and the circumstances that we create. Human, animal, plant, earth and environment are indirectly linked to each other and here it is necessary for the survival of a healthy life.

However, in any way if our environment is negatively affected, then many problems arise and there are many challenges in living a simple and healthy life. Our environment acts as a natural world for us and provides protection against natural disasters. However, if we harass our natural cycle and force it to harm then it becomes helpless in our defense.
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Pollution Essay 3 (150 words)

Pollution is a mixture of some harmful or toxic substances in the natural resources available on Earth. It affects the normal life of living things on this planet by annoying the natural life cycle. There may be many types of pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc. Increasing number of auto pollution, release of toxic gases, smoking from industrial companies, fine dissolved solid, liquid aerosol in the atmosphere, etc. The air we breathe every moment causes many lung disorders.

In this way soil and water pollution are also a mixture of sewage water (bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, etc.) in drinking water, mixing some dangerous agrochemicals with pesticides, fungus, herbs, organic compounds such as ether, benzene. Some radioactive substances, including radium and thorium, solid wastes (industrial ash, garbage, garbage) etc., have to adhere to all the control measures implemented by the government in order to check the harmful effects.

Pollution Essay 4 (150 words)

Environmental pollution is the situation when the natural cycle of our environment worsen and harm us. Some harmful environmental pollutants made by us as smoking, solid or liquid waste are similar in the environment and pollute it. It is only human who can check environmental pollution by limiting its bad activities. Here everyone is indirectly responsible for environmental pollution. Unknowingly, we are creating problems and challenges for all the environment.

Some bad chemical compositions which we use on a daily basis, are similar in the environment and disturb our natural functioning and natural processes which directly affect our health. Humans are considered as the most intelligent life on earth, but this does not mean that they should interfere in the law of the nature of ecological balance. Our environment and ours are incomplete without the help of each other. To keep the natural processes going smoothly, we must do our best to maintain a healthy environment.
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Pollution Essay 5 (200 words)

Pollution has become a major environmental issue because it has created many health hazards for people and animals of any age group. In recent years, the rate of pollution is increasing rapidly as industrial waste material is directly found in soil, air and water. However, in our country, full attention is not given to complete this. It needs to be tackled seriously otherwise our future generations will suffer greatly.

Due to natural resources such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, pollution has been classified into many categories. To increase the amount of money due to the selfishness of human beings and to complete something, the rate of pollution is increasing. Unnecessary desires In the modern era, where technological advancement is given priority by the people, everyone has forgotten the true discipline of life.

Through industrialization, continuous and unnecessary cuts of forests, urbanization and large production have included pollution as one of the major causes. Harmful and poisonous waste made from such activities causes irreversible changes in soil, air and water, which eventually push life towards pain. Public level social awareness program is needed to destroy this big social issue from its root to get complete relief.

Pollution Essay 6 (200 words)

Environment pollution is the biggest problem we face in modern pollution. It affects us in all aspects of social, economic, physically, mentally and intellectually. Pollution of the natural environment gives rise to many diseases which make humans morally and physically weak. Many of us are not well aware of pollution, even if they do not know how they are creating problems for the environment and polluting it. Due to the development and development of new technologies this problem is getting worse every day. Many new companies are opening up in the industry and others do more to increase their business in the competitive sector.

Environmental pollution is not the problem of only one country, though it is the issue of the whole world, so to correct it we all need to work together. If it is not taken in control, then it can affect the whole universe to a greater extent in the future. Environment pollution is growing by increasing the level of pollution of water, air, sound and land. The increase in the number of vehicles on the roads causes air pollution, the increase in the number of factories causes water pollution and ground pollution. Therefore, it requires boundary over all causes of environmental pollution.
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Pollution Essay 7 (250 words)
The word pollution means making things dirty. Accordingly, pollution of natural resources causes imbalance in the ecosystem. We are currently surrounded by the major issues of environmental pollution. Compared to environmental habitat pollution, any foreign or poisonous substances in the environment have to be connected at very fast rates. The main cause of this social evil is industrialization, deforestation and urbanization, whose subsurface causes regular pollution of natural resources used by living organisms living on earth.

Air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution are the most dangerous forms of pollution that cause direct heath disorder to humans. We do not have any safe water to drink, there is pure air and pollution-free land for the crop to crop. In the future, for the healthy existence of life on the planet, there is a need to control this widely spread pollution. Various types of pollutant gas (NO, SO2, CO2, CO, NO2), halogen (iodine, chlorine, bromine), deposit cases (dust, smoke, grit), agricultural chemicals, which disturb our natural ecosystem Pesticides, insecticides, herbs), noise, photochemical oxidants (photochemical smoke, peroxicityl nitrate, ozone, nitrogen oxide), organic compounds from industries (acetic acid, benzene, ether), radioactive post Unable to add (radium, thorium), solid waste (ash, garbage, etc.).

Pollution is a major side effect of industrial societies of the modern world, where industrial development and greenhouse effect have adverse effects on the ecosystem. Due to industrialization, life support systems are rapidly getting converted into life-destroying systems. The misuse of human greed and desire to do anything leads to serious degradation and mismanagement of resources.
I hope you found that perfect essay on pollution for school ( pollution essay )

Pollution Essay 8 (250 words)

Earth is considered as the only planet suitable for the existence of life in the whole universe. It gives us everything like air, water, land, plants and the sky for the healthy existence of life. We can not live here in the absence of all the basic components of life. In any case if there are serious pollution problems, then it becomes a dangerous cause for life. The increasing number of vehicles on roads and the increasing demands of gasoline and diesel use increases the risk of air pollution because gasoline and diesel spread toxic gases in the environment such as carbon monoxide, sulfur-dioxide, hydrocarbons, and many others. More gas pollution is air. Nowadays, a major threat to life is due to the development of atomic science.

Polluted air that we breathe, goes into our whole body and affects all systems in particular the respiratory functions. It is the cause of the emergence of cancer, respiratory problems, lung disorders, bronchitis, asthma and many other diseases. Increasing competition of nuclear experiments across the world has a greater risk of atmospheric balance destruction because this process releases very harmful chemicals, toxic gases and dust in the air, which comes back to the Earth again through acid rain and Damages the growth of crops and life. This acid rain causes various harmful diseases around the world for human bondage. Water pollution is increasing due to direct drainage of industrial liquid effluents in the water of oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies. This water is used by farmers in growing crops which we eat and bother our physical work.

Pollution Essay 9 (300 words)

Pollution has become the most serious issue because everyone is facing many health hazards in their daily lives. Various types of pollutants are contaminating our natural resources such as air, water, soil, etc., due to industrial waste and other activities. After mixing in soil, air and water, they are directly affecting the human and animal body system and due to various types of deadly diseases for health. Noise pollution is affecting the hearing system in the body as well as causing memory disturbances.

Due to vehicular transport, the rate of pollution in cities is more than the villages. Smoke is produced from running vehicles, factories and other industries which are not suitable for breathing, which are affecting the clean air of the cities. Due to the large sewage system, soil water, other waste from houses, sub-products of factories and industries are being found directly in rivers, lakes and oceans. Most of the solid wastes, garbage and other unused things are thrown to the ground by people who cause soil pollution and affect the crop production. Most of the people in the cities spread noise pollution to their short-term pleasure during their birthdays, marriages or other occasions. Due to the increasing number of vehicles due to both air pollution and noise pollution, all the roads in the cities are filled with traffic throughout the day.

After all, all the people have made a technological advancement, there is a great reason for all types of pollution on the earth. So, none other than human, who is digging a pothole around the world and creating serious problems for living things on earth. Quality of life is getting worse every day because pollution acts as a devil that causes various health diseases like hypertension, kidney disorder, respiratory disease, cancer, epidemics, skin diseases etc.
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Pollution Essay 10 (300 words)

Today, environmental pollution is a big issue for entire human bondage on this planet. We are unknowingly adding impurity to the environment through our bad and negligent activities. Environmental pollution affects natural processes and human life. When we play with the natural cycles of the environment in which there are air, earth, water, land, plants and animals, then it creates great challenges for us and makes a healthy life almost impossible. It connects the existence of both human and nature together because both are perfection for each other.

The biggest issue of environmental problem is the removal of forests and urbanization at that place due to increasing pollution. Due to decreasing number of plants in the day, plants are the main source of carbon dioxide gas utilization as the amount of carbon dioxide gas increases in the environment. Thus, in the increasing levels of this gas in the environment, global warming (due to the emission of greenhouse gases causes climate change) causes a number of problems in turn, and brings environmental and social changes directly and indirectly. Warming effect on climate causes melting of glaciers, seasonal problems, decrease in agricultural productivity and many other causes.

The continuous warming of the Earth can cause the Earth to become a boiling pan and a day in the form of a desert, the whole earth will be covered with the water of the ocean, which means permanent destruction for mankind. For our good health we need fresh and clean air to breathe, obsolete food for food, no noise pollution and no water is available for drinking, although now all is not possible. This is the reason that every one of us is wasting more money in the medicines by making rounds of hospitals rather than spending money for eating good fruits such as eating fruits and good health care activities. Therefore, the environmental issue needs to be resolved on an immediate basis by the efforts of all of us.

Pollution Essay 11 (400 words)

In the modern world of technological progress, pollution has become a serious environmental issue affecting life on Earth. Some of the most important types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. All types of pollution are undoubtedly affecting the quality of life to the entire environment and ecosystem. Our naturally beautiful environment on earth is deteriorating day by day with silly habits of humans.

The main reason for air pollution is the huge emissions of harmful and poisonous gases from the increasing number of vehicles, factories and open burning. In the multitude of life improvements, everyone wants to keep good resources for their daily routine but they do not think about their natural surroundings. Most air pollution is done by public transport on daily basis. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide pollute the toxic gases and reduce the level of oxygen in the environment.

Manufacturing factories are also great contributors in air pollution by meeting the growing demand of the people. During the manufacturing process factories releases some toxic gases, heat and energy in the environment. Some other habits like open burning of household waste are also spoiling air quality. Air pollution causes respiratory disorders, including lung cancer among humans and animals.

Water pollution is also a major issue affecting marine life directly because they depend only on the nutrients found in water for their survival. Livelihood of humans and animals will be affected by gradual disappearance of marine life. The cause of water pollution is harmful waste from factories, industries, sewage systems, farms, etc. which are dumping directly into the main source of water such as rivers, lakes and oceans. Drinking polluted water causes serious health disorders for us.

Soil pollution is due to the use of fertilizers, fungi, herbs, pesticides and other organic compounds. It indirectly affects our health because we eat foods produced in the soil. The source of noise pollution is noise generated from heavy machinery, vehicle, radio, TV, speaker etc. which causes hearing problems and sometimes deafness. To maintain the natural ecosystem, we must take care of our environment. Everyone needs a joint effort to get control over pollution so that we can get a healthy and obsolete environment.

Pollution Essay 12 (400 words)

Environmental pollution is a mixture of harmful pollutants in the environment, which creates unrest in natural processes and cycles. Various types of environmental pollution have been classified as water pollution, air pollution, ground pollution and noise pollution. Large-scale production of solid and liquid waste from industries, emissions of hazardous gases, deforestation, global warming, and many other problems generated by humans are the main reasons for increasing environmental pollution. Over the past decade, the level of environmental pollution has increased significantly and the scenario has already worsened.

In the entire universe, only one planet of the Earth's name provides the facility of all basic elements needed for survival. It gives us life and what we give it, pollution However, it was very good that if we do not give it anything but we give it regular pollution and pollution. As we all live on this planet, we are all responsible for the maintenance of the earth. However, we all forget our responsibility and engage in our daily routines and competitions so that in any way our needs can be met. Fresh air and clear water are two of the most basic requirements to maintain life, but in modern times, both of them are not possible. It seems that, after a few decades, there are no men, no plants, no animals and no life here.

All the natural gas in the environment responds to each other by making their balance. Some of them are used as food by plants like carbon dioxide. But imagine what happens when we start to finish plants. Decreasing number of plants uses less carbon dioxide which spreads throughout the environment and in turn increases environmental temperature levels and thus global warming increases. It again calls on many problems and melting glaciers such as melting natural calamities, water levels in the flood, sea and ocean, and ultimately the destruction of humanity from this planet. Just imagine, by decreasing the number of plants, there can be such a big problem which is not our only mistake. We are doing many such mistakes every day and it should not be a big surprise for us that one day the chance of existence of life on this planet will end.

Still we have the time, effort together with all of us can save earth, environment and life. Environmental pollution requires global level awareness and each of us understands the reasons for all our mistakes, causes of pollution, ways to solve problems created by it, and the most important ways to prevent negative environmental changes and environmental pollution. is required.
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