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Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay: Environmental pollution is due to man-made factors. These factors come on the richness of nature's ancient glory and rich abundance of resources. Then nature responds to its injury - climate change, danger to health, polluted and contaminated air, food and water - because it does not want it because its resources are reduced and it is forced

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Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution
Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution
Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution

Long and Short Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Following are the essays on environmental pollution which highlight the long and short aspects of environmental pollution. You can find them helpful in preparing for your exams / assignments. You can select any environmental pollution essay according to your requirement and requirement:

Essay on Environmental Pollution - Essay 1 (250 words)

Environmental pollution can be described as a deadly earth-related disease that affects plants, animals, plants and organisms and humans. This is always due to the heavy burden on natural resources by increasing human population. It tampers with nature which protects the existence of animated and inanimate beings.

environmental pollution

Pollution poisons the atmospheric air that we breathe under ozone, which is a protective hello surrounded by earth; Save us from the sun's heat from the sun's hot heat.

To use chemicals in agricultural activities, such as fertilizer, pesticide spray, vegetables and fruits, injecting chemicals to increase their livestock, to conserve the food, inorganic and artificially grown food. Ends.

Once again, concrete industrial wastes and fumes release polluted lands, rivers, seas and environments. Earth, trying to roam the space for more than the world's population, is fighting a losing battle against urban development, which is encroaching on its green land and forests. Moving forward and occupying the land is further available. Human resources are eating and taking weapons in the natural resources that empties the earth by mining and mining; To cater to a continuous growing prosperity.

Chasing animals in their dangerous habitat from their natural habitat where they wander in search of food. And become victims for humans, who find it easy to kill them for food and their parts of the body are bought for buyers for marketing parties.


Environmental pollution is an unnatural cyclic ring and racket which is finally ready to climb the face of existence from Earth by reducing human health, resources, pure food, water and air; Dangerous climate change and ruthless natural disasters.

Essay on environmental pollution and its impact on health - Essay 2 (300 words)

The environment is like our mother. If he is unwell then how do you believe that he will be able to nurse or nurture with his milk for infants and other care components for adults in their nature. His care is a physical, intellectual and emotional support which is healthy for his children. Similarly, all the natural resources related to our earth are like our inheritance for our health and the future. When we become selfish and dig deep in our resources, we humiliate and pollute it. When we become greedy, we also empty its casket. Yet our health depends on its welfare. This is a direct equation.

Its effect on environmental pollution and health

It is not necessary to repeat that environmental pollution has worsened and has spread its toxic tent in very basic human needs - food, water, air, soil - affecting breathing, eating, drinking or affecting human and animal health. is. Gas emissions from industries, automotive combustion and burning fossil fuels; Oil spills, solid industrial waste, city waste, plastic dumps find their way into water; Likewise, the waste of vegetables and inorganic methods of agriculture, soil is deprived of its reproductive capacity. Since soil is the source of food, water is for drinking and air is for breathing; All three polluted substances inject their toxic substances into the human body and cause diseases in it.

Among the diseases, any of these may include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, skin cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, lead toxicity, mercury poisoning, radiation cultured cancer, allergies, birth defects, lung diseases, various toxic Due to commercial contact of substances; There is an unlimited list.


We are not only leaning towards an unhealthy future for all living beings. Signal of reducing health is strong and clear - Pollution - In the air we breathe, drink water and use it for various purposes and inorganic food, which we process and eat.

Essay on the causes of environmental pollution - Essay 3 (500 words)


As a solid, liquid or gas, when we add harmful substances in it, the environment becomes polluted. The main types of pollution are - air, water, soil, noise, thermal, atom and radiation. The reason for this is long and consistent development and human activity to meet the continuous materialistic demands of a growing world population for a long time.

Due to environmental pollution

Polluted air - Industries consume and run coal, charcoal, petroleum products and natural gas. After consumption, they produce energy for the manufacture of industrial goods. At the end of the tail of the yield, large quantities of toxic gases are sold or extracted as the result of these natural resources or side effects. These are toxic gases, i.e. sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and mineral treated untreated dust particles. Motor vehicle emits similar risks from emitted smoke.

Forest and tree deficiency - trees are a major source of air cleaning. They discharge CO2 in the atmosphere and remove the breathing oxygen from the organisms. And shouting at the top of the roof and hugging in the throat: Stop cutting trees, stop destroying forests; For the same reason. But of course they are necessary to decorate our homes as wooden goods. The price of a tree should be high as an invaluable diamond or a special prohibited animal fur. Our refrigerators and other cooling electronics release CFCs, which is a gas that drills a hole in enfolding the ozone of the Earth, which is gradually separating it. This is telling us about the dangers of extreme heat, which the world calls and refers to it as climate change.

Contaminated water - Chemical residues of fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields mix them in the soil and go into the water. Solid and liquid form of residual waste from industries; Urban wastes and untreated sewage and dirty water all flow into our water bodies. And it is corrupting our rivers, oceans and oceans that threaten our marine life. This will include casual oil spills from sea tankers, carriers and containers due to human negligence.

Contaminated soil - We are rejecting our soil from fertile fertile. Incandescent use of chemically endangered fertilizers, pesticides, and pesticides crops actually contaminate the soil. Inaccessible waste and sewage encroach encroachment on the land, so that it is bundled in the spreading cities. The green belt is the only grassland field left for animals. Drilling, digging and mining layers of all the minerals and granite become empty and empty, leaving the soil and leaving the rocky hills. All these factors provide land for planting and harvesting waste. Leave uncontrolled, inorganic farming practices unstable to grow the soil.

nuclear radiation

The potentially destructive threat to the environment is from nuclear radiation, which is called atomic holocaust. Chernobyl, Russia and Bhopal, India are a brief example of the gas tragedy that will lead it and how the world will end.


All causes of pollution are mostly man-made. We have to stop nature from attacking and we have to reserve whatever we can with our remaining resources. We will succeed if we willingly or sadly remove the causes that cause the environment to be polluted and polluted.

Essay on the impact of environmental pollution - Essay 4 (600 words)


In the name of unbearable progress and development, humans have emphasized on ancient glory that once the earth was there. What has happened with it now is the effect of the exploitation of its natural resources. Despite our so-called 'progress', despite a crashing future, we can not expect a bright future. Environment and the population can maintain themselves due to the effects of the population of the environment.

Human development has come in full circle - from creation to self destruction. Both our quantity and quality of natural wealth - air for life, water for drinking and otherwise, land for forest and food - is sacrificing us.

To prove it, you do not need to see or go away. Look at the garbage inside your house and look at the heap of every heap. Pushing the deaf horns to damage their ears, vehicles come out of smoke, pure water is beyond the limits like a dream. Due to the effects of pollution, your throat, eyes and nose are itching, itching and poisoning.

Effects of environmental pollution on health

Effects on air

The respiratory system is harmless to dust and carbon particles suspended in the air in the form of smoke, smoke and smoke. Due to emissions from industrial and manufacturing units; Fossil fuel is burning for energy, the combustion of carbon smoke carriage.

These factors affect the immune system in order to cause allergies and infections due to the virus transmitted through air and infected birds and animals.

Environmental pollution also affects systems and body parts. This causes cancer, bronchitis, respiratory disease in children and adults; Liver, lung and heart disease; Nose failure due to infection, allergies and swelling of the throat are the effects of air pollution.

Impact on land, soil and food

Organic and chemical human waste both poison the air with its scent. It introduces chemicals in soil and water. In the form of pesticides and fertilizers for land pollution crops, due to insufficient agricultural practices; Seasonal farming and soil erosion; Dust from farming; Animal manure and carcass and crop residues.

Effects on water

Water becomes contaminated with waste and debris and chemical effulgent from industries and man-made dumps. This water is used for drinking and irrigation of crops which either gets damaged or the germ gets infected. Due to the same water the animals drink and die. It also affects marine life. 80% of the marine pollution comes from the land which runs its entire chemicals, particles, industrial, agriculture and other dangerous organisms. All the water carrying waste, garbage and sewage flows into the oceans on large scale rivers and empties. Animals, in addition to grazing, revolve around the same water, swallow plastics and chemically endangered items. It affects their organs and also accelerates the mortality rate in them.

Influence on food (safety)

Soil and water pollution contaminate food, which also affects health. Food is engaged with chemical components obtained through the first phase of development and cycle of the cycle and ends in the markets with their production and sale. To start using fertilizers and pesticides and polluted water in the soil, to use the protector after harvest, to increase their life.

Impact on climate

Climate change is defined as a variation in normal weather patterns due to pollution. It affects physical and biological units in the biosphere.

Also known as global warming is the overheating of the Earth's hemisphere. Through the rays and emissions of the sun, heat, protective, ozone layer gradually gets spoiled; Insert heat trapping inside.

The heat has been stuck uninhibited for 50 to 200 years, after which it is emitted. The effects of our coming generations will be felt broadly. Extreme and irregular hot and cold temperatures affect humans, animals and biosphere. Other volatile climatic features are: - Drought, flat land, temporary or shallow rain and snow; carbon particles in the atmosphere have been suspended and blurred; Due to the rejected soil too severe dust storm; Gale, avalanches, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


Humans have spread adequately on their natural ecological resources at the cost of health of the creatures of nature - animated and inanimate The effects are now emerging at high speeds and weighing critics in more than 100 years.

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Essay on Solution of Environmental Pollution - Essay 5 (800 words)


Even when we start this topic in the beginning and in the beginning we do not appeal to stop smoking without the prevailing dictionary delay. Smoking smoke that smokes and kills those innocent people who are subject to passive smoking. Smoke of any kind is not just a health problem, but it is in serious danger inside or outside the environment.

Solutions to prevent environmental pollution

Similarly, after long-term damage, it is also appropriate to control farming practices and gradually change to be environment-friendly. With the help of government-assisted and subsidized, farmer-friendly, siddha practices, farmers should be bothered to see the benefits of environmental agricultural practices. Here are some effective solutions to prevent environmental pollution:

Clean and green

We just need to try and reduce our daily needs by keeping them small, simple and minimal. And tune them properly to comply with nature and its procedures. In the organic forms for future use - we should get rid of our housing and shelters of unnecessary waste deposits for disposal, treatment and recycling.

To avoid catching the infection, housing and toilets should be spike and spawn, clean and disinfectant. Industry belting should be pasted with smoking regulatory norms. Household fireplace smoke filter must be attached to the gauge.

Ban on plastic should be turned into a movement. This will be stopped by issuing a big penalty on this. This will encourage the use of recycled paper packets from the waste. Be as ethnic as possible in preparing your homes and houses, because handicrafts and semi-identical items are original and follow the eco-friendly template.

Eco-Friendly Farming and Food

In case of systematic fertilization of fertilizers, there is less amount of toxicity in the crops. The result is healthy and healthy food.

Consumption of greenhouse gases for treatment of meat processing plants is 7 times higher than the treatment of vegetarian diet. Apart from the economic, the main disadvantage is the inevitable extinction of the race of animals from the race for the environment. It will not be less than the curse for mankind's existence. The truth is that a carnivorous diet is considered unnatural, whether it is chicken, pork, mutton or meat. However, those who are looking for these options are available in their vegetarian form - in satin, tofu, legumes or tempea markets.

Hybrid food farming should be replaced by genetically produced organic food. Inherent interests prefer hybrid forms because they are produced in large quantities, insect resistant, preserved and lasting longer. Even systematically produced food is unique in its time tested quality and healthy diet. We should aim to preserve and produce genetically pure crops and vegetables because they will make a long way in keeping us healthy and alive.

'Greener' cleaning options

Chemical poisoning and synthetic chemical solvents are used for cleaning parts and surfaces, especially in children, causing skin injury, corrosion, and allergies. They should not be tolerated because 'green' is solvents and insecticides, which adhere to effective, economic and environmental compliance rules.

Hazardous Waste Recycling

Treatment of hazardous wastewater before recycling plastic waste disposal will help sewage pipes, gutters and garbage landfills inadvertently.

Conservation of Natural Resources: Not to say excessive and illegal mining practices

The government is slowly waking up on the clear call of climate change and the decline in the environment. Many civilian platforms and workers including the United Nations are pressurizing the natural resources to create regulatory bodies in the form of natural dogs to regulate 'theft' and 'hunting' as regulatory bodies.

Educate the environment

The largest biodiversity and thick green forest cover in the development of tropical countries and an exceptionally expanding population. These factors present them as 'sitting ducks' for hungry predators and exploiters; Even if they become victims of anti-environmental policies. Environmental education is the only direct syllabus for awareness and protection. We must educate the young and old generations of our underlying link with the delicate conditions of the biosphere and the environment system.


Political, economic, social and ethical parts are high for preserving the purity of the Earth. Our environmental system is interconnected. There will be another imbalance over stress on one half. We should understand and approach the contingency and attitude of reforming our environment, in the form of resting our shoulders alone. There is no other option. This is a heritage, whose main foundation is in the attitude of care and security: if we want to breathe clean air, then eat good food and inherit a green, eco friendly earth.
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