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Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution essay

Noise pollution essay- Noise pollution or noise pollution shows the presence of excessive and disturbing noise (from machines, transport systems, aircraft, trains, etc.) in a very harmful environment for the physical and mental health of living beings on the environment.

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Noise pollution has become one of the major problems in India which affects human life in many ways. We must all know the causes, effects and most importantly the preventive measures of noise pollution to be prevented from its effects. School students generally get this subject to write something according to their own thoughts during competitions such as essay writing etc. We have provided some easy written essay on the noise pollution under the range of different words for the students. You can select any noise pollution essay according to your need and requirement.

Noise Pollution Essay 1 (100 words)

Noise pollution is considered as environmental pollution from the excess levels of noise through many sources. Noise pollution is also known as noise in noise. Excessive noise is harmful to health and causes imbalance in human or animal life. This has been a huge environmental issue in India which requires proper attention to solve, though it is less dangerous than water, air and soil pollution. Excessive noise occurs due to sources like machines, transport systems, poor urban planning (construction of side-by-side industrial and residential buildings). Indoor noise sources are domestic machines, building construction activities, vigorous music etc. The common loss due to the most noise pollution is permanent hearing loss due to ear drum damage.

Noise Pollution Essay 2 (150 words)

To maintain daily life, normal level of sound is necessary, though unwanted sound or noise which is not tolerated by people, animals or plants, causes noise pollution in the environment. The noise is generally known as the unwanted sound created by many industrial or non-industrial sources used in our nearby daily life. High-level sound specifically creates unpleasant effects and discomfort for health for ears.

Unwanted speech usually interferes in daily routine activities such as sleep, conversation, listening ability, feeling well at night. Water animals are also influenced by noise pollution created by the noise of submarines and large ships in the sea. Forest animals have been largely affected due to timer-operated operation (causing excessive noise) by timer companies. Common sources of noise pollution are home gadgets, transport vehicles, jet aircraft, helicopters, industrial machines, etc. According to the World Health Organization, industries must limit their sound production up to 75 dB.

Noise Pollution Essay 3 (200 words)

Noise pollution is pollution due to high and unsafe levels of noise in the environment, due to which many humans, animals and plants have many health disorders. Common problems caused by noise pollution reduce the sensitivity of stress related diseases, anxiety, problems of communication, speech interference, hearing loss, lost productivity, sleep disruption, fatigue, headache, irritability, anxiety, weakness, and noise The ear gets the rhythm, etc. to maintain the body. This causes the gradual loss of hearing ability in the long run. Continuous contact with high level sound leads to permanent loss of shelter.

High levels of noise include major problems, injuries, physical trauma, blood circulation around the brain, big bubbles in the limbs, and even marine animals, especially whales and dolphins are also dead because they can communicate They use their listening ability, find food, defend and survive in water. The source of noise in the water is the sonar of the Navy submarine which can be felt around 300 miles away. The consequences of noise pollution are more dangerous and worrisome in the near future.

There are many preventive measures of noise pollution, some are like promoting the construction of soundproofed rooms in industries, industries and factories, should be away from residential buildings, drain pipe damaged motorbike repair, noise vehicles, airports, buses, railway Ban stations and other transport terminals should be away from living places, declaring a silent area near educational institutions and hospitals, and To absorb Global IP Sound allow vegetation along the roads to reduce noise pollution and residential areas.

Noise Pollution Essay 4 (250 words)

Noise pollution is caused by high levels of unwanted sound in the environment which causes pain. Some of the main sources of noise pollution are noise generated by road traffic, air craft noise, railroad noise, construction (buildings, highways, city roads, flyovers etc.), industrial noise, noise generated by noise, house on daily basis (electricity Due to home appliances, plumbing, generators, air conditioners, boilers, fans, etc.), and consumer products (such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.) Ksr, juicer, pressure cooker) noise, TV, mobile, dryer, cooler, etc.).

In some countries (poor people like India, etc.) Urban urban pollution plays an important role in urban pollution as this scheme involves the construction of houses surrounded with large families in small families (fight for parking, basic needs Fights etc.). Causes noise pollution. The people of the new generation play music in full volume and dance for late nights, so that neighbors have many physical and mental problems. The loss of the ability of the normal person to listen correctly in a high level of noise. High level of noise gradually affects health and acts as a slow poison.

It greatly influences wildlife, plant life, and humans. Normally, the ability of our ear to accept the only fixed limit of sound without any damage to the ear. However, our ears can not bear the regular risk of strong levels of noise and can damage the ear drum, resulting in temporary or permanent loss of the hearing. It also causes other disorders such as sleep disorder, fatigue, weakness, cardiovascular issues, stress, high blood pressure, communication problems, etc.

Noise Pollution Essay 5 (300 words)

There are various types of pollution in the environment, soil pollution is one of them and has become more dangerous for health. It has become so dangerous that it can be compared to other dangerous problems like cancer, in which slow death is guaranteed. Noise pollution is increasing the level of dangerous gift and industrialization and urbanization of modern lifestyles. If regular and effective tasks are not taken to control, then it can be very serious for future generations. Due to the increasing level of unwanted sound in noise pollution environment, pollution is due to noise. This is a major potential threat to health and causes a huge level of communication problems.

High level of noise brings irritation in the behavior of many people, especially in the behavior of diseased, old people and pregnant women. Unwanted sound causes the problem of deafness and other chronic disorders like ear drum, ear pain etc. Sometimes the high sound music pleases the audience, though it disturbs other people. Any unwanted sound in the environment is harmful to health. Some sources of extreme pollution in noise pollution include industries, factories, transport, traffic, airplane engines, train sounds, home appliances, construction etc.

The noise levels of 60 dB are considered as normal noise, however, the noise level of 80 dB or above becomes physically painful and harmful to health. Cities with high noise quantum are Delhi (80 dB), Kolkata (87 dB), Bombay (85 dB), Chennai (89 dB) etc. Limiting noise levels at a safe level has become very important for life, as the Earth also affects unwanted noise, the health of plants and animals. Through general awareness of noise pollution among the public, its main source, this dangerous effect, as well as all potential preventive measures are possible to avoid noise pollution.

Noise Pollution Essay 6 (400 words )

Noise pollution occurs due to the noise when the noise level increases in the environment compared to the normal level. Excessive amount of noise in the environment is unsafe for the purpose. The unpleasant sound causes various disturbances in natural balance. High volume noise is unnatural and they create difficulty in avoiding the noise generated. In such a modern and technological world, where everything is possible through the use of electrical appliances at home or outside the home, the risk of noise has increased greatly.

Increasing demand for urbanization and industrialization in India is having a great deal of people's unwanted voices. To prevent noise pollution in order to infiltrate within time it is necessary to understand, plan and implement strategies. Sound, as we use unnecessary sources of music, television, phone, traffic, dog barking and noise making in our everyday life, have become part of urban culture, and also the most disturbing things are the headaches, Sleep causes problems for stress, stress etc. Threats in the natural rhythm of life are called hazardous pollutants. Due to noise pollution or sources and effects are as follows:

Causes of noise pollution

Industrialization is putting our health and life at risk, because all (large or small) industries are using large quantities of high-pitch sound generating machines in large quantities. Other equipments (compressor, generator, exhaust fans, grinding mills) used in factories and industries also produce large noise.

Regular social events like weddings, parties, pubs, clubs, discs or worship, temples etc produce nuisance in the residential area.

Increasing transport in cities (vehicles, airplanes, underground trains, etc.) produces heavy noise.

Regular construction activities (including mining, bridges, buildings, dams, stations, roads, flyovers, etc.) include high level noise making equipment.

The use of home appliances in our daily lives is also the main reason for noise pollution.

Effects of noise pollution

Noise pollution causes the cause of various hearing problems (loss of ear drum and loss of hearing) due to unwanted sound.

This reduces the ear sensitivity for the sounds required to control the body rhythm.

It affects psychological health and in later life causes other serious and chronic health problems including aggressive behavior, sleep disturbance, stress, weakness, fatigue, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases.

It creates communication problems and causes misunderstandings.

Affects wildlife and makes pets more aggressive.

Preventive Measures:

General awareness should be increased among people to control insecure sound levels in the environment and all the rules should be followed seriously. Unnecessary use of high-pitch sound products should be reduced in the home or outside of the home such as clubs, parties, bars, disco etc.

Noise pollution essay 7 (800 words)

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is pollution due to various noise sources, whether industrial or non-industrial humans, plants and animals affect health in many aspects. Regularly growing level of noise pollution is keeping the lives of current generation and future generations at high risk. I have discussed the sources, effects, legal aspects, controlling noise pollution and the conclusion of noise pollution.

The sources of noise pollution are as follows

The level of urban pollution has been greatly increased in India by urbanization, modern civilization, industrialization etc. The noise spread is due to industrial and non-industrial sources. Industrial sources of noise include the use of large machines of high technologies working on high speed and high level noise intensity in different industries. Non-industrial sources of noise include noise generated outside industries such as transport, vehicle traffic and other mediums. Non-industrial sources of noise can be made natural or human. Some industrial and non-industrial sources of noise pollution are given below:

The noise made by the low-flying military aircraft has added noise to the environment to a large extent.

Road traffic noise is increasing day by day in the city because the motor and exhaust system of vehicles such as trucks, buses, auto, motorcycles, personal car etc. The reason for the long buildings in the cities has to be revived for some time.

Industrial noise produced by manufacturing plants due to the use of motors, compressors, fans etc.

Construction noise created by the construction of long buildings, roads, highways, city roads etc through the use of pneumatic hammers, bulldozers, air compressor, dump truck, loader, footpath breaker etc.

The noise of railroad roads (leaving the operation in rail engines, seats, switching or rail yards) is also very effective in building high level noise pollution because they produce extreme levels of noise of 100 feet of 100 dB Are there.

Noise was built in the building due to plumbing, generators, boilers, home appliances, music, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, fans and other noise activities in the neighborhood.

Another source of noise pollution is the use of variety of fire crackers (high sound generated) during festivals and other family occasions.

The effects of noise pollution are as follows

Noise pollution greatly affects the health of humans, animals and properties. Some of these are mentioned below:

Increasing noise pollution in the day is reducing the efficiency and quality of human work.

Noise pollution reduces the concentration level because high levels of noise cause fatigue and exhaustion.

Affects pregnant women highly and causes burns and abortion.

People cause different diseases (hypertension and mental illness) because it disturbs the peace of mind.

High level of noise reduces work quality and thus causes a lack of concentration level.

This can be the cause of temporary or permanent deafness because the noise levels of 80 to 100 dB are unsafe for the people.

It also damages the historic monuments, old buildings, bridges, etc., because it weakens the structure by creating dangerous waves running on the walls.

Animals lose control over their brains and can be more dangerous because high-level noise damages their nervous system.

It also affects plants and causes the production of poor quality crops.

The following legal aspects are to control noise pollution

The Constitution of India guarantees the right to life, right to information, religion and the right to noise.

Section 133 empowers the human to remove public nuisance on a conditional or permanent order.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1996, noise pollution control rule 2000 involves controlling the increasing problem of noise pollution.

Factory Act Noise in machinery and noise reduction in the range of oil for noise exposure.

The Motor Vehicles Act includes changes in horn usage and fault engines.

The Indian Penal Code relates to health and safety issues due to noise pollution. One can be punished under the laws of Torts.


Increasing levels of noise pollution have created an urgent need for general awareness of source pollution sources, effects and preventive measures. In areas like working places, educational institutions, residential areas, hospitals etc. should be prohibited at high levels of noise. Young children and students should be motivated to be involved in high sound production tasks such as the use of high sound production equipment and equipment opportunities. The use of fire crackers which produce high level sound should be reduced during occasions such as festivals, parties, marriage etc. Topics related to noise pollution should be added in textbooks and activities can be organized in schools such as lectures, discussions, etc. so that the new generation can be more conscious and responsible citizens.

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