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Pollution Essay

Pollution essay : Pollution refers to the mixture of pollutants or pollutants (either foreign substances or naturally occurring pollutants) in natural resources and the environment which causes various adverse changes and affects life on Earth.

Pollution Essay and essay on pollution
Pollution Essay

Long and Short Essay on Pollution in English

Pollution in India is a big environmental issue that everyone should know about. Our children and school going children of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 usually get the subject of pollution to write an essay or read a lecture on it. Parents should be aware of the types of pollution, causes and prevention measures to help their children. We have given some essay on pollution to help you and your children. You can select any pollution essay according to the requirement and requirement.
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Pollution Essay 1 (100 words)

Pollution is the pollution of the natural environment that exists around us and helps in normal life. In our natural environment and ecosystem, any type of pollution causes insecurity, health disorder and inconvenience in normal life. It disrupts natural systems and thus disturbs the balance of nature.

Pollutants or pollutants are foreign substances or waste materials created by human substances and pollute natural resources like air, water or soil etc. The chemical nature of the pollutants, concentration and long-lasting persistence constantly upset the ecosystem. Pollutants can be poisonous gas, insecticides, herbs, fungus, noise, organic compounds and radioactive substances.

Pollution Essay 2 (100 words)

As we all know, our environment is very important for our healthy existence on earth. A healthy environment depends on the good habits of humans and the circumstances that we create. Human, animal, plant, earth and environment are indirectly linked to each other and here it is necessary for the survival of a healthy life.

However, in any way if our environment is negatively affected, then many problems arise and there are many challenges in living a simple and healthy life. Our environment acts as a natural world for us and provides protection against natural disasters. However, if we harass our natural cycle and force it to harm then it becomes helpless in our defense.
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Pollution Essay 3 (150 words)

Pollution is a mixture of some harmful or toxic substances in the natural resources available on Earth. It affects the normal life of living things on this planet by annoying the natural life cycle. There may be many types of pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc. Increasing number of auto pollution, release of toxic gases, smoking from industrial companies, fine dissolved solid, liquid aerosol in the atmosphere, etc. The air we breathe every moment causes many lung disorders.

In this way soil and water pollution are also a mixture of sewage water (bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, etc.) in drinking water, mixing some dangerous agrochemicals with pesticides, fungus, herbs, organic compounds such as ether, benzene. Some radioactive substances, including radium and thorium, solid wastes (industrial ash, garbage, garbage) etc., have to adhere to all the control measures implemented by the government in order to check the harmful effects.

Pollution Essay 4 (150 words)

Environmental pollution is the situation when the natural cycle of our environment worsen and harm us. Some harmful environmental pollutants made by us as smoking, solid or liquid waste are similar in the environment and pollute it. It is only human who can check environmental pollution by limiting its bad activities. Here everyone is indirectly responsible for environmental pollution. Unknowingly, we are creating problems and challenges for all the environment.

Some bad chemical compositions which we use on a daily basis, are similar in the environment and disturb our natural functioning and natural processes which directly affect our health. Humans are considered as the most intelligent life on earth, but this does not mean that they should interfere in the law of the nature of ecological balance. Our environment and ours are incomplete without the help of each other. To keep the natural processes going smoothly, we must do our best to maintain a healthy environment.
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Pollution Essay 5 (200 words)

Pollution has become a major environmental issue because it has created many health hazards for people and animals of any age group. In recent years, the rate of pollution is increasing rapidly as industrial waste material is directly found in soil, air and water. However, in our country, full attention is not given to complete this. It needs to be tackled seriously otherwise our future generations will suffer greatly.

Due to natural resources such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, pollution has been classified into many categories. To increase the amount of money due to the selfishness of human beings and to complete something, the rate of pollution is increasing. Unnecessary desires In the modern era, where technological advancement is given priority by the people, everyone has forgotten the true discipline of life.

Through industrialization, continuous and unnecessary cuts of forests, urbanization and large production have included pollution as one of the major causes. Harmful and poisonous waste made from such activities causes irreversible changes in soil, air and water, which eventually push life towards pain. Public level social awareness program is needed to destroy this big social issue from its root to get complete relief.

Pollution Essay 6 (200 words)

Environment pollution is the biggest problem we face in modern pollution. It affects us in all aspects of social, economic, physically, mentally and intellectually. Pollution of the natural environment gives rise to many diseases which make humans morally and physically weak. Many of us are not well aware of pollution, even if they do not know how they are creating problems for the environment and polluting it. Due to the development and development of new technologies this problem is getting worse every day. Many new companies are opening up in the industry and others do more to increase their business in the competitive sector.

Environmental pollution is not the problem of only one country, though it is the issue of the whole world, so to correct it we all need to work together. If it is not taken in control, then it can affect the whole universe to a greater extent in the future. Environment pollution is growing by increasing the level of pollution of water, air, sound and land. The increase in the number of vehicles on the roads causes air pollution, the increase in the number of factories causes water pollution and ground pollution. Therefore, it requires boundary over all causes of environmental pollution.
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Pollution Essay 7 (250 words)
The word pollution means making things dirty. Accordingly, pollution of natural resources causes imbalance in the ecosystem. We are currently surrounded by the major issues of environmental pollution. Compared to environmental habitat pollution, any foreign or poisonous substances in the environment have to be connected at very fast rates. The main cause of this social evil is industrialization, deforestation and urbanization, whose subsurface causes regular pollution of natural resources used by living organisms living on earth.

Air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution are the most dangerous forms of pollution that cause direct heath disorder to humans. We do not have any safe water to drink, there is pure air and pollution-free land for the crop to crop. In the future, for the healthy existence of life on the planet, there is a need to control this widely spread pollution. Various types of pollutant gas (NO, SO2, CO2, CO, NO2), halogen (iodine, chlorine, bromine), deposit cases (dust, smoke, grit), agricultural chemicals, which disturb our natural ecosystem Pesticides, insecticides, herbs), noise, photochemical oxidants (photochemical smoke, peroxicityl nitrate, ozone, nitrogen oxide), organic compounds from industries (acetic acid, benzene, ether), radioactive post Unable to add (radium, thorium), solid waste (ash, garbage, etc.).

Pollution is a major side effect of industrial societies of the modern world, where industrial development and greenhouse effect have adverse effects on the ecosystem. Due to industrialization, life support systems are rapidly getting converted into life-destroying systems. The misuse of human greed and desire to do anything leads to serious degradation and mismanagement of resources.
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Pollution Essay 8 (250 words)

Earth is considered as the only planet suitable for the existence of life in the whole universe. It gives us everything like air, water, land, plants and the sky for the healthy existence of life. We can not live here in the absence of all the basic components of life. In any case if there are serious pollution problems, then it becomes a dangerous cause for life. The increasing number of vehicles on roads and the increasing demands of gasoline and diesel use increases the risk of air pollution because gasoline and diesel spread toxic gases in the environment such as carbon monoxide, sulfur-dioxide, hydrocarbons, and many others. More gas pollution is air. Nowadays, a major threat to life is due to the development of atomic science.

Polluted air that we breathe, goes into our whole body and affects all systems in particular the respiratory functions. It is the cause of the emergence of cancer, respiratory problems, lung disorders, bronchitis, asthma and many other diseases. Increasing competition of nuclear experiments across the world has a greater risk of atmospheric balance destruction because this process releases very harmful chemicals, toxic gases and dust in the air, which comes back to the Earth again through acid rain and Damages the growth of crops and life. This acid rain causes various harmful diseases around the world for human bondage. Water pollution is increasing due to direct drainage of industrial liquid effluents in the water of oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies. This water is used by farmers in growing crops which we eat and bother our physical work.

Pollution Essay 9 (300 words)

Pollution has become the most serious issue because everyone is facing many health hazards in their daily lives. Various types of pollutants are contaminating our natural resources such as air, water, soil, etc., due to industrial waste and other activities. After mixing in soil, air and water, they are directly affecting the human and animal body system and due to various types of deadly diseases for health. Noise pollution is affecting the hearing system in the body as well as causing memory disturbances.

Due to vehicular transport, the rate of pollution in cities is more than the villages. Smoke is produced from running vehicles, factories and other industries which are not suitable for breathing, which are affecting the clean air of the cities. Due to the large sewage system, soil water, other waste from houses, sub-products of factories and industries are being found directly in rivers, lakes and oceans. Most of the solid wastes, garbage and other unused things are thrown to the ground by people who cause soil pollution and affect the crop production. Most of the people in the cities spread noise pollution to their short-term pleasure during their birthdays, marriages or other occasions. Due to the increasing number of vehicles due to both air pollution and noise pollution, all the roads in the cities are filled with traffic throughout the day.

After all, all the people have made a technological advancement, there is a great reason for all types of pollution on the earth. So, none other than human, who is digging a pothole around the world and creating serious problems for living things on earth. Quality of life is getting worse every day because pollution acts as a devil that causes various health diseases like hypertension, kidney disorder, respiratory disease, cancer, epidemics, skin diseases etc.
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Pollution Essay 10 (300 words)

Today, environmental pollution is a big issue for entire human bondage on this planet. We are unknowingly adding impurity to the environment through our bad and negligent activities. Environmental pollution affects natural processes and human life. When we play with the natural cycles of the environment in which there are air, earth, water, land, plants and animals, then it creates great challenges for us and makes a healthy life almost impossible. It connects the existence of both human and nature together because both are perfection for each other.

The biggest issue of environmental problem is the removal of forests and urbanization at that place due to increasing pollution. Due to decreasing number of plants in the day, plants are the main source of carbon dioxide gas utilization as the amount of carbon dioxide gas increases in the environment. Thus, in the increasing levels of this gas in the environment, global warming (due to the emission of greenhouse gases causes climate change) causes a number of problems in turn, and brings environmental and social changes directly and indirectly. Warming effect on climate causes melting of glaciers, seasonal problems, decrease in agricultural productivity and many other causes.

The continuous warming of the Earth can cause the Earth to become a boiling pan and a day in the form of a desert, the whole earth will be covered with the water of the ocean, which means permanent destruction for mankind. For our good health we need fresh and clean air to breathe, obsolete food for food, no noise pollution and no water is available for drinking, although now all is not possible. This is the reason that every one of us is wasting more money in the medicines by making rounds of hospitals rather than spending money for eating good fruits such as eating fruits and good health care activities. Therefore, the environmental issue needs to be resolved on an immediate basis by the efforts of all of us.

Pollution Essay 11 (400 words)

In the modern world of technological progress, pollution has become a serious environmental issue affecting life on Earth. Some of the most important types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. All types of pollution are undoubtedly affecting the quality of life to the entire environment and ecosystem. Our naturally beautiful environment on earth is deteriorating day by day with silly habits of humans.

The main reason for air pollution is the huge emissions of harmful and poisonous gases from the increasing number of vehicles, factories and open burning. In the multitude of life improvements, everyone wants to keep good resources for their daily routine but they do not think about their natural surroundings. Most air pollution is done by public transport on daily basis. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide pollute the toxic gases and reduce the level of oxygen in the environment.

Manufacturing factories are also great contributors in air pollution by meeting the growing demand of the people. During the manufacturing process factories releases some toxic gases, heat and energy in the environment. Some other habits like open burning of household waste are also spoiling air quality. Air pollution causes respiratory disorders, including lung cancer among humans and animals.

Water pollution is also a major issue affecting marine life directly because they depend only on the nutrients found in water for their survival. Livelihood of humans and animals will be affected by gradual disappearance of marine life. The cause of water pollution is harmful waste from factories, industries, sewage systems, farms, etc. which are dumping directly into the main source of water such as rivers, lakes and oceans. Drinking polluted water causes serious health disorders for us.

Soil pollution is due to the use of fertilizers, fungi, herbs, pesticides and other organic compounds. It indirectly affects our health because we eat foods produced in the soil. The source of noise pollution is noise generated from heavy machinery, vehicle, radio, TV, speaker etc. which causes hearing problems and sometimes deafness. To maintain the natural ecosystem, we must take care of our environment. Everyone needs a joint effort to get control over pollution so that we can get a healthy and obsolete environment.

Pollution Essay 12 (400 words)

Environmental pollution is a mixture of harmful pollutants in the environment, which creates unrest in natural processes and cycles. Various types of environmental pollution have been classified as water pollution, air pollution, ground pollution and noise pollution. Large-scale production of solid and liquid waste from industries, emissions of hazardous gases, deforestation, global warming, and many other problems generated by humans are the main reasons for increasing environmental pollution. Over the past decade, the level of environmental pollution has increased significantly and the scenario has already worsened.

In the entire universe, only one planet of the Earth's name provides the facility of all basic elements needed for survival. It gives us life and what we give it, pollution However, it was very good that if we do not give it anything but we give it regular pollution and pollution. As we all live on this planet, we are all responsible for the maintenance of the earth. However, we all forget our responsibility and engage in our daily routines and competitions so that in any way our needs can be met. Fresh air and clear water are two of the most basic requirements to maintain life, but in modern times, both of them are not possible. It seems that, after a few decades, there are no men, no plants, no animals and no life here.

All the natural gas in the environment responds to each other by making their balance. Some of them are used as food by plants like carbon dioxide. But imagine what happens when we start to finish plants. Decreasing number of plants uses less carbon dioxide which spreads throughout the environment and in turn increases environmental temperature levels and thus global warming increases. It again calls on many problems and melting glaciers such as melting natural calamities, water levels in the flood, sea and ocean, and ultimately the destruction of humanity from this planet. Just imagine, by decreasing the number of plants, there can be such a big problem which is not our only mistake. We are doing many such mistakes every day and it should not be a big surprise for us that one day the chance of existence of life on this planet will end.

Still we have the time, effort together with all of us can save earth, environment and life. Environmental pollution requires global level awareness and each of us understands the reasons for all our mistakes, causes of pollution, ways to solve problems created by it, and the most important ways to prevent negative environmental changes and environmental pollution. is required.
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